Monday, October 12, 2009

*Rachel is Growing Like a Weed!*

My baby girl is 16 weeks old now! I cant believe how fast the time has gone by! She is laughing and cooing even more now. She also sleeps 5-6 hr stretches now, which is nice! Still not sleeping thru the night yet... hopefully soon. brooke slept thru the night at 3 weeks! But anyway. She went on her first stroller ride the other day. This baby LOVES being outside! I was pushing her down the street and stopped to look at something and she started whining. Then when i started pushing her again she stopped :-P When the big kids are taking their afternoon naps, sometimes she and I got outside and sit and I read and she sits in her carseat and just looks around. Sometimes she falls asleep.. thats what she did Friday and why she got the little sunburn! She also can sit a lot better in her Bumbo seat now (its actually a Bebe Pod seat-- we got it as a gift at my babyshower-- but its the same kind of thing) her head control is great! She just so sweet and I love her! I dont want her to grow up because I know shes my last baby :( Ill just try to enjoy it! :)

16 Weeks Old!

First time in her Bumbo!

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  1. She just gets cuter and cuter! I can NOT believe she's 16 weeks old!!!