Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Major Pain!!!

This past weekend i was just feeling awful, with a tired/weak feeling I just couldnt shake. the left side of my mouth was hurting pretty bad, too. So monday i went to the Doctor. And he said I had a bad gum infection! My wisdom tooth on the upper left is coming in sideways or something, and theres this big gap/space where little bits of food keep getting caught and it caused a bad infection in my mouth. I am in sooo much pain. it hurts to open my mouth, swallow, yawn, and especially EAT. ive had to get used to eating mostly with the left side of my mouth which is really aggravating. The pressure and infection is also causing my left ear to hurt, and my head to hurt, and me just feel really bad and achy all over! Not cool when i have so much going on during the day- taking care of 3 kids-- and all i want to do is sleep i feel so bad :(

Anyway, ive known for awhile that I was going to have to have my wisdom teeth taken out.. I was seen at thedentist a year or two ago.. and we were going to have it done but decided to wait b/c they werent really bothering me and it was soo expensive. But now the dr is telling me basically that i HAVE to.. im going to keep getting infections if i dont. So im on an antibiotic this week to hopefully get rid of the infection.. then I have a consultation with an oral surgeon on Friday for them to look at my teeth and hopefully they can make me an appt soon to get it over with. The dr is planning on taking me off my blood thinners for a few days so I can have the surgery, then Ill go right back on them. I just hope everything goes ok-- ive been thru so much lately, medically, and Im ready to feel like my normal self again! Wish me luck! :-P


  1. Good Heavens! I hope you can get to feeling better soon! I had an infection in my gums too and 2 impacted wisdom teeth and the other 2 were breaking through, my mouth hurt soo bad. It was soo nice to get them out (once you get past the initial surgery

  2. Yeah i have been terrified my whole life that id have to get them out (im a big wimp!) but im in so much pain that Im now like Bring it on! Ive been on Hyrdrocodone all week and ive been DRUGGED lol. It masks the pain, but only for so long.