Monday, October 12, 2009

*Busy Saturday*

Saturday morning Arnold let me sleep in till 10 which was so nice! Then we all got ready and drove down to Morganton. The kids behaved the whole was, I was shocked :-P We went to lunch at Hams. I got the grilled cheese and Chili, and Brooke reached over and helped herself to my chili! LOL that kid is so funny, and she will eat ANYTHING.. the drs are amazed. Anyway, halfway thru lunch I accidentally knocked over a cup of milk and of course it spilt all over me and soaked into my pants. Oh well, im used to being dirty now that Im a mom :-P

After lunch we went to the Morganton library. We drove around forever trying to find it. We just took the kids to the library for the 1st time a few weeks ago, at the one right down the road from us. But the morganton library is bigger so we decided to go there this time.They have such a nice kids' area. The kids did puzzles while I picked out some books for them. Then i picked myself out a few books, also.

That afternoon my Aunt Mary was in town and so she, 3 of her boys (her other son didnt come into town) and my mom came up to the house to visit. We dont get to see them much since they live in Raleigh, so it was nice. They werent able to come into town for Brooke or Calebs birthdays, so they brought their birthday gifts with them. Caleb got this M&M car that dispenses M&Ms... of course he loves that :-P And Brooke got some dress up clothes. She immediately put on the wedding veil and butterfly wings... she loved it! :) Then we all went outside to play, and of course Brooke had to tide her tricycle in her dressup clothes, it was so cute :) After awhile it started to rain and we came back inside. The kids had a BLAST with their cousins.

That evening Arnold went out to get us some dinner and brought it home. We ate and the kids played while I looked thru an ABC Distributing catalog. I just love their stuff! Its so cute and pretty-well priced! I saw a ton of things i am wanting to buy as Christmas gifts this year. It just feels so strange to be talking about Christmas-time already... this year has FLOWN by! :) After the kids went to bed Arnold went downstairs to play guitar for awhile and i got on the computer. My SIL called and we talked for a good 30 minutes or so. We're starting to talk alot more and hang out. we've really gotten close and I love it! I never had a sister so its like having one now! :)

The kids at the Morganton Library
Outside the Library

Rachels 1st Stoll in her umbrella stroller :)

Brooke in her dressup clothes :)

Riding her tricycle :)

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