Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Monday Madness~

Yesterday Arnold had to go to the dentist. He hasnt been in a long time and kept putting it off, but he finally decided to go. We had to pay $200 upfront! Man, that definately hurt the bank account. But from what I understand he turns something in and we get the money back soon, so that made me relieved :) Turns out he has 2 cavities. He wasnt really surprised, his teeth had been hurting him pretty bad lately. So he has another appt to get those filled. My wisdom teeth are coming in and im going to have to have them out, but itll be awhile since im on blood thinners. Thats ok with me-- im terrified of going in to have that done! :-x

Anyway, yesterday evening was girlscouts, and it was also a birthday party for a little girl and all the kids were invited. But arnold didnt want to take all 3 by himself.. so he just took caleb, and i took the girls with me to Scouts. The little girl is watched by my Sister-in-law, Jennifer, during the week (she has an in-home daycare) and whenever i was in the hospital back in July and my SIL watched the kids a few times, Caleb and her got really attached so now we joke and say they are girlfriend/boyfriend. They are so sweet! So anyway, Caleb went to the party and Arnold told me that he just kindof stood around not doing much.. he seemed lost without Brooke! That kid copies EVERYTHING Brooke does, so i wasnt surprised. But he ate some pizza, and had some cake, and he had fun. Jennifers husband took their daughter Rebekah to the party too, while she was at scouts with me. So it was a night of the DADDYS doing the stuff for the kids for a change :)

We had an ok Girlscout meeting-- didnt go quite as planned. Our girls are only 8 so they have a hard time sitting and paying attention for an hour... and last night we went over the history of Girl Scouts, so they were pretty bored. They ran off halfway thru the meeting to play in the Church gym... lol. Brooke loved getting to go and play with the older girls. Rachel didnt do too well.. she cried most of the evening.. I really think my poor baby is starting to teethe :( We had a leader meeting after the regular meeting and we were discussing future events. Our zoo trip has been postponed till next Spring because our Brownie troop doesnt have the funds right now for the trip. I had to leave the meeting early because Rachel and Brooke were now screaming, but who can blame them-- it was nearly 9 pm and they are usually in bed by 8! But anyway, i was ready to get home and rest last night after all that. :-P

Heres a few pics Arnold got of Caleb at the party last night...

Eating Pizza

The birthday girl (Calebs GF) ;-)

The pretty cake :)

Having some birthday cake

Opening her present from Caleb

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