Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*One Year Ago*

I forgot to post this the other day, on the 15th. But exactly one year ago last Thursday, I found out I was pregnant with Rachel! I cant believe its been a year since all this happened! :)

I remember it like it was yesterday-- I wasnt even "late" yet but I just had a feeling I might be pregnant. Arnold kept saying I wasnt-- he didnt want any more kids, at least not yet :-P That evening we had to go to Target to pick up some things, and I picked up a 2-pack of pregnancy tests. Arnold thought it was a waste of money, but he just went along with it. As soon as we got home i ran off to the bathroom to take a test, b/c I just couldnt wait any longer. I stand there for a minute or two and i swear I see a pink line show up. But its very faint and I think my eyes may be playing tricks on me since i knew i wanted it so badly. But then it starts to get a little darker and Im about 99 percent sure that its for sure positive. So i run back outside (Arnold is out at the van still bringing stuff in that we had bought). I said... Ummm I have something to show you". And i showed him the test. And he went about as white as a ghost. He went to the fridge and got a beer after that :-P That evening I sat on the living room floor assembling Halloween Goody bags for a party I was taking the kids to the next day. Arnold sat on the couch and kept saying things like "ARE YOU SURE its positive? You should take another test". Eventually i ended up taking another test, and this time the line was even darker so he finally believed me. :-P I was letting it all sink in, and i was so excited. I got online right away and started telling my friends. I feel bad now that I didnt tell our family first, but I just HAD to tell someone! :-P

The next day I took the kids to a Halloween party and all my friends were coming up to me and congratulating me and asking me how i was feeling. I still was in shock that i really was pregnant! We werent trying or anything, but we werent really preventing it. I know Arnold didnt feel ready, but I did. I always wanted 4 kids. Anyway, that evening Arnold and I were going to a Joe Bonamassa concert in Charlotte w/ his dad and his friend Eric and his daughter. Arnold had told Eric... but we still hadnt told our families yet, so the whole night we knew we had a big secret and it was so hard not telling Arnold's dad... but we managed to keep it a secret.

The next night my inlaws watched Brooke and Caleb while we went out on a "date night." We stopped by Hallmark and bought a congratulations card. Inside we wrote "Congratulations, youre going to be Grandparents again" and when we got back to their house that evening to pick up the kids, we handed the card to Arnold's mom. She read it and just smiled real big and said WOW. Then she passed the card over to his dad to read, and I cant describe how he reacted... hes a tough person to "read." They asked us if we had told MY parents yet and we said no. I was afraid... i knew my parents didnt approve of us having another child so soon, and I was afraid they wouldnt be happy and they would just be so worried for us.

The very next day we left for Myrtle Beach. We were going down there for a week with my parents. We were planning on telling them sometime on the trip but everytime i got ready to, i chickend out. It was tough explaining why I was so tired in the afternoons and felt nauseous a lot of the time. The trip came to an end and we STILL hadnt told them the news. So the next weekend when were at their house, I went into the kitchen where Mom was cooking and said I had something to tell her. Im pretty sure she knew what I was about to tell her because I was crying at this point. After I told her,she just hugged me and said everything was going to be ok. She said she was excited to be having another grandbaby. I was glad she took it so well. I know i should be a Grownup and not care so much what my parents think anymore, but i still do. :-x

Anyway, we finally went to our 1st DR appt a few weeks later and found out that we were INDEED 100% pregnant, and my due date was set for June 25th :)

The Positive Pregnancy Test

Very first Pregnancy Pic- At 4 Weeks

And the very end-- Day before my C-section! :)