Wednesday, October 21, 2009


We didnt get to go see my mom Sunday night for her birthday, because my sinuses were acting up really bad, so she decided to come over and visit us Monday morning. (She had taken the day off work for her Birthday) I love it when she comes over because she always makes us breakfast-- I miss her cooking! I cant cook good at all, so its always nice when she cooks me something :-P So we had some biscuits and bacon and yogurt. And she spent the day helping me with the kids, and helping me clean up the house. Our laundry had piled up more than you can imagine over the weekend, since i hadnt been feeling well. So we did all the laundry, folding and putting it away-- felt so good to get that accomplished! Then we worked on cleaning and rearranging Mine and Arnolds bedroom.. I really like how it looks now. Now all it needs is some new decorative things to hang on the wall-- the walls are pretty much bare right now. Mom even put us dinner in the crockpot so itd be ready that evening so I could eat before I went to Scouts and so ARnold wouldnt have to cook anything for the kids. Lastly she watched the kids while I got a shower and got dressed. Then i got all the kids down for a nap and mom left. It was a great day and Im glad she came to visit :)

Monday evening I was going to a GirlScout Leader Seminar at the Girl Scout office in Hickory. I went with my Sister-in-law since shes the other leader of the group. She came and picked me up and we went over there around 6. The class was supposed to last from 6-9pm.. which seemed like FOREVER but it wasnt that bad. I had my notebook, pen, and was taking notes, so it felt like being in college again :-P But the class was really helpful. The woman leading the class taught us how we were supposed to run a Girl Scout meeting, and what things to cover. She told us important things to remeber to do, such as get health history forms from our girls, and to set up a list of Rules for our troop so things dont get out of hand. She told us different fun things we could do with our troop, and how to earn badges. And she also went over the Leader handbook with us. I have 1 more class o take, and an online test and then im "officially" a leader of my Brownie Troop :)

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