Wednesday, October 21, 2009

*Recent Health Updates*

The other day I got an appointment set up with a Therapist. As many of you know, my DR diagnosed me with Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder after I got out of the hospital,and thats whats been causing all my anxiety and panic attacks. He advised me to get set up with a Therapist, and he thinks the therapist can help me learn ways to cope with the anxiety and learn to talk myself down before it turns into a full-on attack. He said its essential to work on this so I can get back to my normal life. So i called a program that is offered thru Arnolds work, and they set me up with a Man in Morganton. My first appt is going to be on the 27th. The first 3 sessions are free, which is nice, because Therapy isnt cheap! But i really hope this helps me, and I cant start to move forward in my life... I am looking forward to feeling like my normal self again! Im trying to stay positive!

Also, I had my blood checked yesterday and they called me with the results yesterday afternoon, and for the first time in SEVERAL weeks, it was normal!!!!!!!!! So i was thrilled. See, when youre on Coumadin they check your blood to see how likely it is to clot, and there is a number system-- youre supposed to be between 2 and 3 to be "normal." And for the past several weeks I was at a 1.4 and they couldnt figure out why. They kept upping my dose of meds over and over and then FINALLY yesterday my number was a 2.6! I was shocked that i jumped over a whole point in just 5 days, but I am just glad its up. When the numbers are between 2 and 3 I am at a VERY low risk of developing a clot-- that means the Coumadin is working the way it should be. If it gets over 3 though, then im at risk for bleeding and not being able to stop it (nosebleeds, gum bleeding, internal bleeding etc ) and thats very dangerous, so i hope my levels stay consistent at where they are! I get re-checked again in a week.

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  1. I'm SO glad that your numbers were good this week. I hope it stays the same for next week! I've got my fingers crossed for you.