Monday, October 12, 2009

*Stressful Friday!*

Friday was a rough day for me. Ever since I started having all these medical issues I have good days, and I have bad days. Friday I started having some bad dizzy spells. Even sitting on the floor Id look around and just feel strange. Thank goodness my mom was coming over to visit that morning because I had a panic attack :( I had been doing so good... it had been 4 or 5 weeks since id had one, which is GREAT for me. I felt the feelings coming on and i just freaked out. Its hard to explain one to someone whos never experienced it before. Your whole body feel tingly, numb, you get dizzy, hot, flushed, and you have all these crazy thoughts in your head like youre going to die, or you wont come down off the anxiety. I feel the constant need to move when I have one. And it doesnt get better until the pill kicks in.

So anyway, mom took the kids outside to play while I was waiting for my pill to kick in. I decided to call the Dr and ask about my dizzy spells. They said for me to come in at 2pm for an appointment. So while we waited for the appt we all sat outside in the backyard and played. Mom went to get us some lunch at Ruby Tuesdays and we ate outside. My pill had kicked in by then and i was starting to calm down. Being outside always makes me feel better when im anxious. I got some reading done too, which I love to do but never find the time now with 3 kids! :-P We were out there so long I got sunburned on my face! It pretty sad that I got sunburned in October. Im just so white! haha :-P I felt bad b/c even Rachel had a little sun on her face... and her head since shes basically bald! I had her in the shade but she still got a little.

Anyway, i went to my Dr appt. I had gained some weight (darn antidepressant, it increases my appetite, i hate that side effect!) My blood pressure was a little high, but not too bad. The nurse looked in my ears and found out that I have fluid in there. She thinks thats what was causing the dizziness. She said ear infections and fluid can mess up your "equilibrium" and make you off balance. She prescribed me an anti-dizzy medicine to use as needed. Anyway, i thought i was doing well but i had another panic attack while at the dr! It was so embarassing. The nurses were really nice though, they let mesit with them and brought me some water... and I waited on Arnold to come get me-- i had to call him to drive me since I cant drive when im having an attack.

When we got back home i was starting to feel calm again. Mom went home.. and Arnold and I got the kids ready and decided to take Brooke and Caleb to the Oktoberfest. We walked around for awhile and ran into some people Arnold work with. Then we went to get dinner. I know they over-price at places like that but DANG. Our dinner was $28!!! And all we got was 3 PLAIN hotdogs, a sandwich for Arnold, and 2 drinks!! That was just ridiculous, in my opinion. And of course the kids decide to take the buns off their hotdogs, throw them in the grass, and then cy and scream when i throw them away. It was just soo crowded and the kids were acting up so we left after a little while. Hey, at least we got out of the house.

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  1. Wow, I wish they could get your anxiety attacks straightened out! I hope you start to get better.. :::hugs