Thursday, October 1, 2009

October is here Already!

I cant believe today is the first day of October! It feels like just yesterday It was summer and I was pregnant and dying of heat! :-P I cant believe how quickly the cool weather came on, also-- like out of nowhere! The past 2 mornings ive woken up shivering in bed! The evenings have gotten pretty cool also, so I havent been taking the kids outside to play as much. I try to let them go play outside the other night for alittle while... and we broke out some of their new Fall clothes! Ive had all these new cute clothes hanging in their closets for weeks now, and now they get to wear them! :)
This month is jam packed for me! Of course I have weekly Monday night Girlscout meetings. And my SIL and I have a leader meeting to go to next week, and a Training Seminar to go to later in the month. We are planning that Zoo trip to the Columbia Zoo sometime towards the end of the month. Then theres all the Halloween stuff-- Hickory Moms is having a big Halloween party on the 24th.. we are actually having it at my church. The night before, Im planning on having my SIL and neice, and a few friends over for a little Halloween party for the kids, so that should be fun. My mom has started the tradition of having us over one night in OCT for a Halloween dinner. Last year she made "mummies" which were hotdogs wrapped in crescent rolls. They were so good, and the kids loved that :) My moms bday is the 18th, so we'll be celebrating that. On actual Halloween we'll probably go to Church for their "Trunk or Treat..." and then go show off the kids in their costumes to their grandparents and Aunt Nancy. Rachel also has a Dr appt mid month-- she'll be 4 months old! Ive said it many times, but, WHERE DID THE TIME GO???? :( Oh well. I look forward to what the month may bring!
For our first Fall/Oct activity, this Saturday Mom and I are taking Brooke and Caleb to a pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins. We'll go on a hayride, too. Then probably stop off somewhere and have lunch. We did this with Brooke last year and it was so much fun! We actually went closer to the MTNS last year, but this year we're staying close and going to a place in Morganton. Im sure the kids will love it-- this will be Calebs 1st time going, so im excited. (Rachel will be staying with my inlaws probably.) So anyway, cant wait for the weekend! :)

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