Monday, October 5, 2009

Hildebran Redneck Festival

Saturday night there was a festival in Hildebran, right down the road from where we live. It was called the Redneck Hildebran BBQ Festival & Benefit or something like that. It was held in this huge field seperating two houses in Hildebran. The two families cooked up huge amounts of BBQ, slaw, baked beans, desserts and all that good stuff. Arnold's band played as the entertainment. They sold raffle tickets for about a month. The proceeds went to pay for the food, and the rest went to a local teenage girl who is having to have spinal surgery. She was at the festival and seemed like a real sweet girl. I didnt hear how much we raised in total, ill have to ask Arnold.. but i hope its enough to help her family out!

The whole thing was so much fun. We took lawn chairs out, and they also had tables set up. There was a crowd of about 200 people. My mom went and helped me w/ the kids. Arnold had a lot of his family come out, and some people from work. The kids loved seeing their daddy play on stage, that was their first time getting to see him play! The band did great... Arnold was nervous at first but so excited. The whole evening was just so laid back and fun! It started to get really chilly quick though. And the kids were getting sleepy, so unfortunately I had to leave early and take them home and put them to bed. The band played two sets, so i got to see half of the show. What i saw was really good. They had a tip jar set out and Arnold said they made like $110 in tips, so id say the people liked them!

Heres just a few shots I got from that night..

Waiting on the band to start playing
Brooke playing on the tire swing

Caleb in his ROCK & ROLL shirt :)


Shane on left, Hubby on right :)

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! And now I really want some Random, I know!