Friday, October 2, 2009

A Look Back at Summer '09

Since Fall is officially here, I decided to look back thru my pics from Summer '09 and post some of my favorites from the Summer. Enjoy :)

The day I went in to have Rachel! :)
Caught the kids in Rachels bouncy seat :)

Brookes shirt says FREE BIRD ;-)

Rachels 1st MNO w/ the HM group :)

Swinging at the Park

Brooke swimming w/ Grandpa Arnold on the 4th of July :)

Brooke and I on Mothers Day :)

Rachel celebrating Grandpa Sears' Bday :)

Caleb w/ daddy and Grandpa Arnold on his 2nd Bday :)

Brooke on her 3rd Bday! :)

Our family at Camryns Bday party :)

The kids at Addisons Bday Party ;)

Arnold and I being silly :)

Caleb in the sandbox.. so serious!

Brooke in the sandbox

The kids love playing in the sand!