Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Gift Fund..

For the past few months I have been selling stuff on Ebay, trying to make extra cash for the Christmas gift fund, because i knew wed be tight this year. Well its been going pretty well... I sell a little bit of everything, the kids' outgrown clothes, shoes, stuff i bought and never ended up using, books of mine, old dvds, etc. Some things im surprised at how high they went for! I really love the whole process-- but its a lot of work. It really takes some time to get everything packaged up and then get it all to the post office and shipped in a reasonable amount of time. The ladies at the Hildebran Post Office are really starting to know me over there, haha :-P

Last night I took a bunch of old clothes that the kids had outgrown and some dvds and vhs tapes and other misc stuff to Once Upon a Child-- a kids' consignment store in Hickory. They usually pay pretty cheap, but they pay you right then.. and its a QUICK way to get rid of stuff and make some cash, so I decided to do that last night with a lot of the stuff that i figured wouldnt bring much on Ebay anyway. I made $52, so not too bad. Anything added to the Christmas fund helps ;-)

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