Monday, November 2, 2009

Consultation at the Oral Surgeon..

Friday afternoon i went to the oral surgeon in Lenoir for my consultation. The dr looked in my mouth and said i definately had a gum infection.. so he prescribed me a stronger antibiotic to get rid of it. He said the way the upper left tooth is coming in, its really causing pain in my gum. We talked for awhile and i decided that Im going to have all 3 wisdom teeth taken out at the same time.. to get it over with. The surgery is going to cost $1500.00 in all... and we're filing our insurance.. we think we only have to pay 20%.. but we'll see. They said theyd need to talk to my General Dr about me going off blood thinners for a few days before and after the surgery... since im right now at a huge risk for bleeding profusely after the surgery. My general dr really wishes i didnt have to go off the meds but he knows that i need to get the teeth out so ill quit having so many infections. I am currently waiting on a call back from the Oral surgeon.. we are going to schdule my day for the surgery. I am hoping for either this friday or Friday the 20th.. b/c the other weekends in November are booked for me and i dont want to miss anything i had planned!

I am really freaked out about the surgery in general, and having to go off my blood thinners... I dont think im at risk for a blood clot anymore, but its still scary! So please pray for me if you dont mind.. that I will be safe, and that I can keep it together for this! Thanks! :)

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