Monday, November 23, 2009

Wisdom Teeth Surgery...

Yep I finally had it done.. this past Friday morning to be exact. They had been coming in and bothering me for awhile, but i kept putting it off b/c I was scared. But then i kept getting gum infections and they said i needed them out soon, so i gave in.

I went to a Dr in Lenoir..he was really nice, and so was his staff. on the morning of, I was really really nervous and sooo hungry b/c of course they dont let you eat that morning. So my stomach was killing me! It was so cute, i kept worrying outloud and Brooke kept saying "Its ok mommy!" I love that she can understand things more now :) It helped me feel better :)

My mom came over and took me, so that Arnold could go to work that day (hes all out of vacation time from back when i was hospitalized) Anyway... we left Rachel at Aunt Nancys house while we went, and took brooke and caleb with us. From what i heard they did pretty well-- I packed them a bag of toys, books and snacks.

I went back there, laid in the chair and I was expecting to be put to sleep, b/c thats what everyone else has told me happened to them. They told me they dont do that there, but they give you good drugs thru an IV and that I wouldnt care. I was still sooo scared, my heart rate was in the 140s. Then he started injecting the meds thru the iv and i slowly calmed down but still was worried, so he gave me one more dosage and then my heart rate dropped down to the 60s or so and I was GOOD to go.. I was awake but i totally was out of it and didnt care what they were doing to me. It felt like it FLEW by. It was crazy... so surreal. So anyway, when they were done they said ALL DONE! and i was like SERIOUSLY?! It was soo hard to talk with the gauze in my mouth, i felt silly. But i was in no pain so that was good. Mom drove up to the door and they helped me walk out.. i was staggering around like a drunk person :-P

Then we drove to the CVS to get my meds... they prescribed me some Demerol. It had been about an hour and i was realllly starting to hurt, b/c the stuff they had given me at the DR was wearing off. So as soon as i got those Demerol pills, i took one. I stayed at Mom and Dads the whole afternoon and they looked after me and the kids :) I slept most of the time and then got up around 5 and tried to eat a little but it still hurt. I took another pill at 6 and just laid on the couch and watched tv until Arnold came over to pick us up. He worked a long shift that day since my parents were able to watch me and the kids.

Later that night i was STARVING and wanted to eat so bad.. Arnold went and got me a cheeseburger. I ate SLOWER than i EVER have in my entire life. it hurt so bad but it felt sooo good to have food on my stomach again! Then around 10 i took another demerol and got really woozy and went to sleep. Saturday I rested and hung out around the house and slowly started to feel better..

Today i feel about 80-90% better id say. Ive healed up really good. The bleeding stopped a lot quicker than I had imagined. And i didnt get all swollen and puffy,so that was good. I am back to eating basically all normal solid foods... so much for a diet :-P

Oh and yeah-- they bagged up my teeth and sent them home w/ me-- i didnt ask for them, they just did it anyway. I dont know if i want to keep them or not-- its kinda gross but it was also so crazy seeing them, and how big they were! and of course i had to share the pic on here ;-)

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  1. Sooo glad everything went well!!! I asked for my! I wanted to see how big they were!