Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom of the Year..

This Moms' group im in, called Hickory Moms, gives out a Mom of the Year Award every year, at the annual Christmas party. People can send in the name of a person they feel is deserving of it.. and then the leader of the group lists the nominees and people vote.. and the winner gets announced at the Christmas Party.

Well anyway, today i was on the board and was surprised/happy to see that I had been nominated! It was me and 5 other moms. Right now im in the top 3... it just makes me feel so good that people seem to like me as a mom and a friend.. and think i would be deserving of that award! That really boosts my confidence! Like i said, i was shocked i was nominated. Somedays I really feel like i just dont have it together at all! But anyway-- that really made my day :) Im up against some other REALLY good moms.. a few are pretty close friends of mine, and they all deserve to win! So good luck to all of us! :-P


  1. I'm happy that you made the list! I voted for you ;)

  2. awww thats awesome Abbs! I hope you win!!!