Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nice Fall Day at the Park..

This past Saturday it was such beautiful weather outside! So we decided to take the kids out. We went to Glen Hilton Park. The kids had so much fun playing on the playground and swinging. A little after we got there my Sister in law and neice Rebekah joined us. We then went on a nature walk on the trail thru the woods.. and on the walking along the bridge. Caleb LOVED seeing the ducks. He quacked at them over and over again.. it was hilarious. My neice found some girls feeding the ducks and asked them for a piece of bread... they gave it to her,and we waited for her to throw it in the water.. but she ATE it instead! HAHAHA :) She handed some over to Brooke too. Jennifer asked her why shed done that and she said MAMA IM HUNGRY! haha. Jenn was so embarassed, but it was cute ;-) After that we went by Mcdonalds and all got a a snack. I joked that we had spent all that time walking and being healthy then we went to McDonalds :-P Oh well!

Here are a few pics from the Park...

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