Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rachel's Dr Appt...

Rachel had her 4-month appt today. She was supposed to have it last month, but we had to cancel and they didnt have another opening until today. So shes technically almost 5 months (only 8 more days-- where did the time go?!) So these are almost her 5-month stats actually, but here they are:

She is 14 lbs, 12 ozs! (she loves to eat!) ;-)

She is 25 inches long!

Arnold took her so im not sure the percentiles and all that-- The last time we had her checked she was "average" but on the tall side-- well no surprise there! ;-)

She had to have 2 shots, poor baby-- But Arnold said she did ok.

Overall shes a healthy, happy baby! :) Next appt will be her 6-month!

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