Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In the Christmas Spirit! :)

Guess what we did Sunday evening? We put up our Christmas tree! Yes, i know its kindof early, but I love christmas and wanted to do it :) Also.. the next few weeks are jam-packed busy for us-- and im having my wisdom teeth out on the 20th, so we decided to go ahead and already have it done. Arnold and I went down to the basement and got all the stuff while the kids were napping. We have a fake, prelit tree... we dont feel like dealing with the real tree these days, although someday id love to get a real one! We set it up and fluffed it out-- lol. When the kids got up from their nap they were soo excited! So it was worth it just for that. Of course they wanted to mess with it-- we had to rearrange the living room so the couch was in front of it and they couldnt get to it easily. The next day I decorated it with all our ornaments. I love looking thru our collection every year.. I still have some that I made or were given when I was a kid! We started a tradition where we buy the kids a new ornament every year. This year Caleb gets a "Cars" ornament, Brooke gets a "My little Pony" ornament, and Rachel gets a "Babys 1st Christmas" ornament :) I also found the CUTEST turtle ornmanet at Kohls a few weeks ago, so thats going to be our family ornament. (we call the kids our turtles.. long story!) Also i love to go to Hallmark a few weeks after Christmas and pick up a few ornaments for next year when theyre REALLY cheap! I love that! :)

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