Monday, November 2, 2009

The rest of the Weekend..

Sunday we got ready and went to church... of course with the time change the kids were up EARLY with the sun :( Oh well, at least we werent late! I had a bit of anxiety at church-- still trying to work thru my anxiety issues-- so we sat right outside the sanctuary and listened to the sermon on the speakers. Thankfully the kids stayed in their Sunday school class this week! they are really starting to look forward to church and im glad :)

Afterwards we went to lunch w/ the inlaws at Ruby Tuesdays. Thank goodness my FIL had gotten a table early b/c they were PACKED! Brooke and Caleb both somehow managed to bump their heads on the table while we were there and cry-- they are both so clumbsy-- they probably get it from me ;-) After lunch we stopped by the inlaws' house to change diapers and stuff. we were invited to a 1st Birthday party of the daughter of Arnolds' best friend from childhood, Hayden. It was at a country club in Hickory.. they did a pink/green color scheme and it was so cute! The kids played for about 30 minutes, then we left-- b/c i wasnt feeling well. :( I really hope getting my wisdom teeth out soon helps make me feel better!

Last night we just hung around the house and ate a casserole my mom had made for us-- chicken, rice and veggies-- yum! We watched "Elmos Christmas Countdown" on DVD... brooke just loves that video and its Nov. so its not too early yet, right?! :-P

At lunch-- Brooke had just hit her head :(

Caleb waiting on a diaper change

My sweet baby and I :)

Shes so smily :)

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  1. They're so cute Abbs! Rachel looks like the happiest baby!!!