Monday, November 16, 2009

TWO Parties in One Day!

saturday we had a busy day! We had TWO birthday parties to go to. One was for my friend Amy's daughter, Kaitlyn, who was turning 1. And one was for my friend Kelly's son, Kaden, who was turning 6!

The party for Kaitlyn was at their house... in their backyard and storage area thingie. It was a ladybug theme w/ pink and lime green colors, it was so cute! The cakes were AWESOME. They were made by a lady that is on the Hickory Mom group. It was the first time i got to taste one of her cakes and it was GOOD! The kids had a blast playing in the bounce house, and Brooke jumped on the trampoline for awhile..but she kept falling down :-P We had pizza from Cicis and then cake, and then watched Kait open her presents for a little bit. It was a really fun day! And we couldnt have asked for better weather-- it was so warm and sunny! :)

Later that evening we went to the other party at Little Gym. The kids have been there a few times because their cousin, Rebekah goes there for classes. They LOVE it there... The party was neat, they got to run around and play on the equipment, and they had circle time and played a few games. Then we went into the party room and had pizza and cake. Kadens theme was Transformers. It looked like he got a lot of neat presents! I think we'll have to plan a bday party for the kids there sometime in the future b/c I know theyll love it. They get to go again in Dec. for Rebekahs 5th bday party.

So needless to say, they were hopped up on sugar on Saturday but they had a blast, and thats what really matters :) We all had pizza and cake for Lunch AND dinner that day, so that was a treat ;-) The kids crashed hard that night when we got home and slept good.. gotta love it :)

Heres a few pics from the parties...

At Amys house for Kaits Party

The amazing cakes!

Birthday girl enjoying that cake ;-)

Amy and Kait :)

Brooke on the trampoline-- trying to stay up! :)

The Little Gym Party

Rach and I watching the older kids :)

The kids in the party room, eating

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  1. Wow you all had a busy day, lol. We had a b-day party to go to that day also :)