Saturday, November 28, 2009

*Thanksgiving 2009*

Thanksgiving went pretty well this year. We got up and got the kids ready and went to church at 11 am. Every year we go w/ the inlaws to eat lunch at the church... our church has this HUGE community-wide Thanksgiving lunch, thats offered to anyone... in need or people just not wanting to cook. We just go there b/c its much easier (My MIL doesnt like to cook, lol)

After lunch we went over to my parents' house. We watched the Charlotte Parade.. its a tradition to watch the parades every year. I looked thru the Black Friday ads for fun, but i knew i wasnt going shopping this year. Alex brought his new girlfriend over.. she seemed really nice. We then ate lunch AGAIN at 2 pm. I didnt eat much the 2nd time around.. had some mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, a roll and a little bit of turkey--my dad deep fries the turkey and its soooo good! :) We stayed for the whole afternoon just about.. we got Rachel to take a long nap while we were there. We all sat around the kitchen table and colored w/ Brooke and Rachel and watched "The Parent Trap".. i love that movie! :) Arnold had never seen it before. Around 6 or so i wasnt feeling too good so we went home and put the kids to bed. Arnold and I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special on tv.. and then we passed out on the couch together-- it had been a long day! :)

Heres a few Pics I took at Mom & Dads House...

I wanted to get a pic of her in the leaves :-P

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