Friday, April 27, 2012

The Fabulous 90's

I love the boards on Pinterest where people post things that remind them of the "Good ol Days." I had seriously forgotten about alot of these things until I re-pinned some of them to my own board. I was born in 85' and was really young for the rest of the 80's, so I consider myself a Child of the 90s :) These are some of the things I remember well and bring back some good memories for me. Ah, to be a kid again-- not a worry in the world. I miss it! Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me today :)

My grandmother started my American Girl collection. I had some of the dolls and the books, too. I had Molly, Samanta, and Felicity. I still have two of them in a box in the basement that I hope to restore one day (they are not in the greatest of condition anymore) I think Molly was my favorite, posted below. I know they are historical dolls, and I liked that part (I loved reading the books that went along with the dolls) but I also often pretended like they were my own children, haha. I always wanted to be a Mom growing up. Anyway, I think it's really neat that American Girl dolls are still so popular. I can't wait to get Brooke her first one.

I loved to read, ever since I was a kid. One of my favorite series was "The Babysitters Club." I read so many of those books. Got them from the library alot, and had several of my own, too. I remember taking them on vacations and reading them while in the car, or on downtime. I also loved "Sweet Valley High" and "The Boxcar Kids." I hope my kids love to read one day as much as I did!

When I was even younger, I was into "The Berenstein Bear" books. My grandmother used to work at a book store (we were alot alike, she loved to read, too ;) And she would always bring me a new one to add to my collection. I ended up with LOTS of them, and I still have them now, they are now on the girls' bookshelf! They love the books as well. I love that they all teach great values and lessons. I just recently found out they were written by Christian authors, and they have some about Sunday School, praying, etc. They are still making new books today!

I was hooked on all the "teeny bopper" magazines like all the other girls. I remember getting new copies when I went to the store with my mom. They always had pull-out posters and pics that you could put on your wall or in your trapper keeper (remember those?!) I was so into Backstreet Boys, Hanson, and N'Sync. My fave BSB was Brian-- I always seemed to like the "2nd most popular" one in the bands, but who cares? I thought he was cuter! He now is a Christian artist and has made some new cds.

One of my very fave. shows to watch was "Doug." I remember every Saturday night it was tradition that my dad would cook my brother and I hotdogs and fries for dinner (while him and mom had steak) and we would eat dinner and watch Doug, followed by Rugrats. I hate that Doug phased out, it's hard to find any old episodes. I didn't care for it that much when they re-made the show for Sat. mornings!

I remember having a pencil case like this to keep all my stuff at school. They always had cute designs and popular characters you could choose from. I remember getting so excited when my Mom would take us shopping before school started in the Fall. I would get to pick out my own kinds of pencils, bookbag, cute erasers, lunchbox, and other various things. I remember how excited I was when mechanical pencils became all the rage. I was always running out of lead and having to ask my mom to go buy me more.

One of my all-time fave childhood toys were pollypockets! This is what they USED to look like. The pollys used to be TINY. My mom used to complain all the time because she was always sucking pieces up in her vaccumm cleaner, haha. I loved these little playsets and would take them everwhere. They would close right up for storage. I remember putting lots of little playsets together and making towns. They still sell these "vintage" sets on Ebay, but they going rates are crazy!! I might break down and get one for the girls, just to let them see how it used to be ;)

My mom used to make me homeade hairbows out of shoestrings! Sounds weird but they were cute, and they were popular back in the day. I remember other little girls having them too (I guess if their Moms were crafty ;) See even my mother was crafty, but I guess that didn't rub off on me! Maybe the girls' GRANDMOTHER can make them homeade bows ;)

I loved stickers so much. I would collect them in those little blank sticker books you could get. I loved all the cool kinds like "scratch and sniff," "puffy," and the ones with googly eyes or glitter. My mom would give them to me for rewards, from anything from potty training to doing good with my school, to chores getting done. We used to get them at school from the teacher as rewards too, on our papers :)

Another one of my favorite childhood toys were trolls. They made so many of these things, in all different fashions and hair colors. I remember my mom saying they were so ugly! I guess she was right. I used to have an obsession with cutting their hair.. don't know why. That always made my mom mad. I would always mess them up, and make a mess. I don't have any of my old ones left, wish I did! 

Remember the little packs of gum called chicklets? They were always right there in the grocery store checkout line. My mom would usually let me get some as a treat. I loved having my own pack to carry around with me. They were yummy. Do they still make them?

Clearly Canadians were my favorite drink! Every week when my mom went to do the grocery shopping I would go along and pick one out for a treat. They came in all the good flavors.. cherry, grape, strawberry. I think I remember my favorite being cherry. I can't remember the last time I had one, they were so good. I looked up places that still have them, and its not many. There is supposedly a town about 45 mins away that still has them, so I might look one day. 

Remember listening to cds in the discman? This thing went with me in the car every time! Especially on long trips and vacations. I remember everytime the car would go over a bump, it would "skip." That was so irritating! And the battery life wasn't very good! My very first two cds I ever got were "Savage Garden" and "Fast Ball" haha! Anyone remember those bands? They still play their songs on the radio occasionally.

One of my favorite treats-- Fun dip! I would always get excited and eat the stick before too long, and then would be stuck with a lot of powder left. I'd eat it with my fingers and when I was done I would be left with really sticky, dyed hands that were hard to clean off!

Before I had pierced ears, I had those tacky, fun, stick-on-earrings. They of course wouldnt stick well, so you would always lose them. But all the girls wanted to wear earrings, so if you didn't have the real thing, you'd go to the next best thing. Then I finally got my ears pierced for real. I remember all the cute dangly earrings I would wear. One of my favorite pairs were icecream cones. I loved to go pick out new pairs for special occasions.

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