Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Found this on someone else's blog. So here is some more useless facts about me :)

Favorite time of day: Evening, when some of the craziness dies down around here. We get the kids in their pjs, read stories, and they go to bed. Then I get time with hubby, to watch some of our fave. shows, and read in bed.

Favorite season: Spring! I get so excited when it gets warmer and flowers come out. It is such a beautiful time.

Favorite month: June/July- This is when we celebrate mine and Rachel's bdays. I LOVE birthdays. The kids are on vacation and its more laid-back around here. The weather is warm but not HOT like August. And can't forget 4th of July. I love the fireworks, cookouts, and patriotism.

Favorite subject in school: It was English/Reading. Self-explanitory, I have always loved to read, write, and done well in these areas.

Favorite color: green!

Favorite song: Freebird! And nothing is better than hearing it live :)

Favorite movie: "Grease." Close behind that would be "Dirty Dancing." I didn't even see Dirty Dancing until this past year, can you believe it?! I love all musicals and movies with songs/dancing. Mama Mia and Hairspray are other faves!

Favorite celebrity: I've always loved Adam Sandler and Julia Roberts. Adam can always crack me up, I always go see all his movies. Julia is just so beautiful and down-to-earth. If there was a movie about my life, I'd want her to play me ;)

Favorite TV show: Hard to pick just one. Lately its Glee and Big Bang Theory. Of all time its The Office, Friends, Golden Girls, Will & Grace.

Favorite thing to do: Go on a date with Arnold. Curl up with a good book. Girls Night Out with friends. Plan parties for the kiddos :)

Favorite place in the world: The mountains, so beautiful and relaxing

Favorite hobby: Reading, blogging, shopping

Favorite kind of animal: Dogs (as pets), and owls and turtles

Favorite place to live: I don't think I'd ever leave the south, honestly

Favorite place to vacation: So far its been Cancun and Charleston. I'd LOVE to visit Italy one day, one of my dreams!

Favorite restaurant: Chilis, Olive Garden, Dos Amigos-- depends on my mood.

Favorite drink: Sweet Tea!

Favorite chore: ha..who likes chores?! I don't mind laundry..

Favorite makeup: Mary Kay-- looks best on me

Favorite hair products: Mom got me into Organix hair stuff-- smells great!!

Favorite lotion/perfume: Mostly always use Bath and Body Works. Usually a summer-time fragrance like coconut or pineapple.

Favorite Store: Target. I visit there several times a month (well I used to go more until gas prices got so high!) I don't think I ever leave there without SOMETHING. A close 2nd would be Barnes and Noble. But I usually buy my books offline now.

Favorite Websites: Facebook (of course), my moms forums I am a part of, Amazon (to buy books for me and gifts for the kids-- they have some great deals!)

Favorite blogger: I have several bookmarked to read. I dont have a fave.

Favorite thing to blog about: Tidbits about the kids that I will love having later on down the road to remember things by :)

Favorite author: That is VERY hard for me. I love Nicholas Sparks, Jane Green, Whitney Gaskell, Jodi Picoult, Sophie Kinsella, Janet Evanovich.. and many more.

Favorite Book: Very hard as well! A few of my faves are "Heaven is for Real," "The Lucky One," "Three Weeks with my Brother."

Favorite verse: Micah 6:8-- my fave since I was young

Favorite thing to do with Friends: Shop, yardsaling, game nights, dinners out-- I love any time with my girls! :)

Favorite thing to wear: I'm a laid-back kind of girl. Jeans and a top!

Favorite Food: Chicken

Favorite Kids' Book: "Goodnight Moon" or "On the Night you Were Born"

Favorite Holiday- Christmas. With 4th of July a close second.

Favorite Childhood Toys: I loved My Little Ponies, Trolls, electronic pets (remember Giga pets?!), dolls of all kinds...

Favorite kind of day: My ideal day would be either spent with Arnold or good friends... it would involve fave foods, Ritas, shopping, maybe a movie...

Favorite memory: My wedding day, the days of my kids' births. I love looking back on these days and remembering all the details. Almost makes me cry every time!

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