Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

~I'm loving that Brooke did SO well at her dentist appointment this morning. She was so brave. They didn't let anyone back there with her, so I basically paced the waiting room floor while waiting on her, or read up on the latest People magazines. (Now have my fill of celebrity news for awhile.) They let her take her "Sally" doll back to sit with her, so I know that helped. She is feeling ok, just numb and a little sore. They sent the tooth home with her (that is HUGE by the way) so that she can get another visit from the tooth fairy :)

~I'm loving how loved our kiddos are. Especially by the men of the family, who are big suckers! ;) Brooke got her daddy to stay home from work today, got icecream, lunch out, and picked a toy out after her appt. She also got to pick out several prizes at the dentist, and the dentist even said she could pick out one for Sally (how sweet!)

~I'm loving that Kmart is doing their "Additional 50% off Clearance" Toy Sale right now. I wish we had a lot of extra $$$ right now so that I could pick some extra toys for birthday parties, etc. Everyone should go check it out, they had a lot there!

~I'm loving that the cookie dough we bought from someone Arnold works with came in. And Arnold finally remembered to bring it home for me ;)

~I'm loving that we have "dessert duty" for Lifegroup tonight. So I am going to bake some cookies and make some Easter cupcakes, too. Maybe I should look up some cute ideas on Pinterest? At least then I could say it truly came to good use to me!

~I'm loving that the book I just finished reading, "Barefoot," ended on a good note last night. I was really waiting for a sad ending, the way the story was going! It was nice after so many sad Nicholas Sparks books I have read lately.

~I'm loving that I am taking a trip to Hobby Lobby tomorrow morning with a friend. Hope to get some good ideas for Rachel's bee party, and look around at cute ribbons, too. Maybe I can get more inspired to try again at making hairbows for the girls ;)

~I'm loving last night's episode of "Raising Hope." That show is just plain hilarious. Especially Maw Maw. Did anyone see last night's episode? Loved Sabrina's "Mr Magoo glasses" ;)

~I'm loving that the van is cleaned out. I vaccumed out the backseat the other day while the kids were playing outside. It needed it BADLY.

~I'm loving that there are only 4 more days until Easter! Yep I'm still excited and counting down. I'm still a kid at heart ;)

~I'm loving that I have lots of fun plans for this weekend. An egg hunt at my parents' church to take the kids to, celebrating one of my best friends' bdays with a Girls Night Out, going to the movies with my Sister-in-law, church, and visiting with family. It should be a lot of fun!

~I'm loving that God has blessed us with so many wonderful family members and friends. We have had so much support as we've gone through a lot of weird, tough, and downright hard times over the past few years. We have some of the best people in our lives! Be jealous! haha ;)

~I'm loving this article that talks about the Hunger Games books and movies, and how there are actually a lot of Gospel themes present. Interesting stuff.

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