Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

~It's ok that I went to bed at 9:30 last night. Totally lame. But it was a long day.

~It's ok that I really enjoyed having a baby around the house yesterday. I watched Ben for Joanne while she went out and did some job-hunting. He was great the whole time, only whined a few minutes. I don't miss lots of diapers, however!

~It's ok that I was relieved not to have anything to do last night. Even though I do miss my Life Group. We are on hold until next month. Last night we grilled out hotdogs, I finished up a book I had been reading, and Arnold and I watched some of our shows together. Great night to me!

~It's ok that I become totally immersed in whatever book I am reading at the moment. For awhile I feel like I am there, living it along with everyone else. Last night I finished "Promises to Keep" by Jane Green-- one of my all-time favorite authors. One of the characters died from cancer at the end, it was very sad. I felt as if I had lost one of my own friends. I love authors who can write so powerfully that you feel like you are a part of the story, too!

~It's ok that I think soda tastes so much better in glass bottles. The other day I bought some Cheerwine in glass bottles as a "treat" for Arnold and I. We never by bottles, it was $4 just for 6 of them! But they were worth it, even if they only lasted two days before they were gone ;)

~It's ok that I happily sang along with Glee the other night. They did disco and sang a lot of songs from "Saturday Night Fever." Seeing Finn in 70's clothes was pretty entertaining, too. I still wonder what's going to happen with him and Rachel...

~It's ok that I am freaking out a little bit about where I am going to have Rachel's birthday party. Thought I had a location locked down, but they wouldn't allow my icecream social, because they are pretty strict about messes. So I have to now find a new location or give up the icecream idea. Decisions, Decisions...

~It's ok that I bought Arnold a "just because" gift the other day. Rachel and I spent the morning browsing Barnes & Noble, and I found a book about guitar players, I knew Arnold would love it! So I got him that.. and then when Rachel and I went to Wal Mart to pick up some things we needed, I also got Arnold some new socks (which he really did need!) a bag of Nerds (his fave candy, and they were only 50cents on After-Easter clearance!) and a TEA PITCHER. Totally random, I know, but he has been drinking a lot of tea here at home lately, and he said he needed one. Anyway, I really surprised him. Took the gift to work when we had lunch with him earlier in the week :)

~It's ok that I get really excited when I beat Arnold's scores on Wii Fit games. It has become a challenge to me lately. I like to be competitive with him :)

~It's ok that Rachel and I took a really long nap earlier today. Every once in awhile you just need the rest, right?!

~It's ok that I don't trust myself when It comes to Book Fairs! The Book Fair is coming to the kids' school this whole next week. It's hard to say no to the kids when what they want is something that I love buying for myself, too. I love picking out new books for their collections. Can't wait to see what good picks they have.

~It's ok that I totally forgot to order Spring Pictures this year! I had the order forms and the sample pics in my drawer this whole time, just forgot to send in the payment by the deadline. To be fair though, Caleb's picture looked almost identical to his fall picture. Why get another one, right? And we are about to have Spring/Summer family pics done soon, too. Trying to make myself feel better here...

~It's ok that I'm a little jealous of ALL the many people lately who have found out they are pregnant. I am happy for everyone of course, just starting to miss that pregnancy and newborn stage really, really badly! Also wishing I had done more "fun stuff" while I was pregnant that I seeing everyone doing now. Keeping a blog on my pregnancy (didn't start this one until Rachel was a few weeks old), having a Gender-Reveal party with all our family and friends (those are awesome! And that is right up my alley, I love parties!) If I can't have another baby, at least I will get to meet lots of other sweet babies over the next several months :)

~It's ok that I'm pretty bummed out that there isn't a new episode of "Big Bang Theory" tonight. That is one of the highlights of my week-- so hilarious!

~It's ok that one of the main reasons I am looking forward to working at the Pregnancy Care Center tonight is the break from the kids. The early evening hours are the hardest for me. So Thurs evenings when Arnold has to deal with dinner, baths, whining, etc, makes it soo much easier on me. Thanks Honey! ;)

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