Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

~This week has been LONG. The kids have been on Spring Break now for 7 days (if you count the weekend) and so next week can't come soon enough!

~Arnold surprised me this afternoon by saying that he has tomorrow off from work! Totally wasn't expecting that. So hope we have a fun family day.

~Anyone else dealing with allergies? They have never effected me that badly, but this year is awful. The past few days I have had a headache that won't stop throbbing, eyes that itch and burn, and a scratchy throat. I am already on a lot of medicine, so its hard to find an allergy medicine that's safe for me to take. Maybe I can ask about that at my Dr. appt next week. I have to go in to talk to him about how it's going with my "mental meds" if you know what I mean :P

~Had a fun playdate at Joanne's house this morning. The kids all got to play together and at least we got out of the house for awhile. We played outside some, but it was really chilly (its been in the 80s for weeks and weeks and suddenly decides to be in the 60s-- what's up with that??) Joanne made us all lunch, too, that was really sweet. And then the big kids played video games while we hung out. Ok, I almost fell asleep on her couch, but I blame that on my headache!

~Took a trip to Rita's today. They had my fave flavor today-- Strawberry Margarita. That made me very happy :) Kids had pink lemonade flavor.

~So happy for two of my friends, Chrissy and Natalie, who recently found out they are going to have babies! More sweet babies for me to love on! Can't wait to hear what they are having and to see those sweet things when they get here :)

~Ordered a book today, called "The Signs of Life." It was one of the recommended books in a magazine I read. Heard its really good. Can't wait for it to get here.

~They are re-modeling Target! I hate it when things change.. now i am going to have to figure out everything all over again. But at least it's still open for me to shop in while they are busy working. Everyone knows Target is one of my guilty pleasures :) Even found some Little Pet Shops there on clearance tonight for Brooke.

~Bought me a new nail shade for my toes. Don't know if you'd call it "coral" or just plain "orange", but its cute anyway. I am not up-to-date that well with the fashions, but in my magazine it said this season coral, yellow, and a certain shade of blue are "in" so I decided to try one of those colors :)

~Worked at the Pregnancy Care Center tonight. We had a really low-key night, so I got to read my book a lot of the time. I am still in shock everytime a young girl comes in to the center.. I am so proud of them for making good decisions, and so happy to be a part of this. But at the same time I have been a pregnant teen before (even if my path didn't end like most of them, since I chose adoption) and It breaks my heart to think what a hard road they have ahead of them. I just hope the dads in these situations step up and help. And that they have good support systems, because they will need them!

~Was sad "Big Bang Theory" wasn't a new episode tonight. But at least "The Office" was. Yes, I know its gone down-hill bigtime. I am happy to see Andy and Erin back together, though! They were always cute together.

~Arnold and I are finally getting a date night.. this Sat.. if everything goes well! We are going to go see the new American Pie movie. (aren't we mature?? ;) When Arnold asked his parents to babysit, his dad asked him if he knew that the main character was going full frontal for this movie. Then Arnold was like "ummm maybe we shouldn't go anymore Abby!" Haha... typical. Anyway, I am looking forward to a relaxing night out with my man! :)

~Arnold got some exciting news today.. can't share many details yet in case things don't work out, but I hope I will get to update more soon! :)

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  1. It is HILARIOUS Abby! You guys should definitely see the new American Pie movie!!!