Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Weekend

Friday Rachel and I met my Mom at the kids' school. We were going to go to their Book Fair. The teachers let us take the kids out of class to go look around with us. I let the kids each pick out a book they liked, and I picked up several extras that I thought would be good for their collections. My mom ended up spending $40-some, and I ended up spending $30-some, just on books. But it's easy to do in there! And we did get a lot of great ones. One of my faves was the one I got for the girls called "Shoe-la-la" which was all about-- you guessed it-- shoes! It was really cute and I read it to them that night before they went to bed. While at school we also stayed to have lunch with the kids. They had personal-sized pizzas that day, and they were actually pretty yummy!

That night we really didn't do anything at all, just stayed around the house. After we ate dinner and put the kids to bed, Arnold and I watched several more episodes of a new show we found on Netflix "Til Death." We finished off all they had to offer on there, so I guess we need to find a new show now. The guy, Brad Garrett, was a way different character than he was on "Everybody Loves Raymond." He can sing too, did you know that?? It was a pretty good show. Sad its over, I always get attached to my characters ;)

Saturday morning the kids and I went to our church along with Arnold, to help clean. I mentioned before that Arnold took over the "Levites" team and it's their job to clean the church every week before services. Its still early in the game and we didn't have a team of volunteers built up, so I volunteered to go help Arnold.. think he was happy to have me! The kids actually wanted to help too, so we gave them odd jobs to do. Caleb helped wipe down the windows, and Brooke did some dusting. While Arnold cleaned the bathrooms and did other odd jobs, and I vacuumed up the place. Took us about an hour and a half with no other help, so not too bad. The kids jumped up on the stage and pretended to sing into the microphones (before Arnold started yelling and shooing them off stage-- there is alot of expensive equipment up there that I know we don't want to be responsible for!!) But it was cute to see them-- wonder if they will want to be in the spotlight when they are older?? I'll admit that I got up there for a minute too and looked out into the empty room.. just that made me nervous. I don't see how anyone speaks in public for a living-- noooo way!!

That afternoon I met my friend Erika at the movies. We have been meaning to get together and celebrate her birthday, but things have kept coming up. We finally got to do something though, even if it WAS almost a month late! ;) I got there before her and bought her ticket too, as part of her birthday present :) I brought along our big popcorn bucket and we got it filled up to share during the movie. Have yall seen the different flavors of popcorn they sell? They actually sell blueberry flavor! That doesn't sound very appetizing to me... But anyway, even during the afternoon the theater was pretty packed. We went to see "The Lucky One" which is the newest Nicholas Sparks movie. I try to go and see all of his movies.. I have a love/hate relationship with that man. He knows how to suck me in (and they always pick the hottest guys to play the main character! ;) But I ALWAYS end up crying, because there is always a sad part, too. I had read the book, but it was a long time ago, so I didn't remember all the details. But I thought the movie was great! The little boy in the movie had blonde hair, and so it made me think of Caleb alot and pulled at my heart strings even more. But I was pretty happy with the ending. And Zac Efron is hot, as always. And now he is legal, so it is ok for us "older" Moms to drool ;)

That evening when I got back home, we ordered pizza for dinner. Rachel ended up eating FOUR pieces. Seriously. She kept going back to the box and getting more. And unlike the big kids, she eats all of it-- crust and all. I guess she is going through a growth spurt or something, because that is a lot of food for a 2 year old! We will have to use all our extra money on food one day when the kids are teenagers. Yikes. After the kids went to bed, Arnold and I played Wii Fit together. I showed him one of the new games I had unlocked on there, and I still have him beat on the score, so I am happy ;)

Sunday morning we woke up late and were rushing around to get ready for church. But somehow we made it on time! They were having a little party after the service to try and get volunteers for the teams at church, and they were handing out packs of gum to everyone as they went into service. It was that "Up to U" gum, and they had taped little papers on there saying that you could make a big difference in church, but it was "Up to U." Thought that was cute. Plus, I had something to chew on during the service ;) I liked this week's service alot.. lately our Pastor has really been making Arnold and I think seriously about the impact we have on our kids' lives, and what we can do to become better parents. It's the real-life messages like that, that drew us to the church in the first place. We love our church! 

After church we went to Sonic for lunch. I love it on Sundays because our church is so close to Sonic. We don't have one anywhere near our house. It is almost become our "regular' place to go on Sundays. The kids got slushies along with their food, like usual. This week Brooke and Caleb tried a new flavor-- green apple. I tried a sip, and it wasn't for me, I thought it was too sweet! Rachel got cherry like she does every week. She is just like her mama! She likes me to take the actual cherry out and give it to her to eat :) I love Sonic because they let you add flavors to drinks, so I got myself a cherry coke. They added me a cherry on top also, so I was happy. It's the little things :)

That afternoon we went over to the inlaw's house to visit. They had been gone all week on a trip to Myrtle Beach (not that I was jealous or anything! ;) The kids had been begging all morning to go see their "maw and paw." We stayed for about an hour and a half. While we were there the kids watched "Pink Panther" (its a tradition over there) and just about ate them out of house and home. At least it's not just us that they beg constantly for food! ;)

That evening when we got home we had chicken tacos for dinner. Then I turned on a movie I saw on Netflix that had recently been added "Judy Moody and the not so Bummer Summer." The kids seemed to really get into it. I think there is also a line of "Judy Moody" books out there, because I had heard of that before. While the kids were watching, I worked some on the girls' bedroom. We are getting ready to do a big re-decorating attempt, so I was cleaning everything out that shouldn't be in there, and taking down everything off of the walls. We hope to paint this weekend and buy the girls bunk beds when Arnold gets his bonus check. I think we are going with a pink/black theme. We even picked out a pink shade for the walls called "Fiesta Pink." I am getting excited about getting to work in there! :)

Hope everyone else had a great weekend as well! Looking forward to the coming week/weekend, because we have a lot of fun stuff planned :)

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