Sunday, June 3, 2012


June is already upon us. ALREADY. We are halfway through the 2012 year. How did that happen?? Here are some things I am looking forward to this month...

1. Caleb's Preschool Graduation. Wed the 6th I will watch my sweet boy walk across a stage and get his little diploma. I know a lot of people who say graduations for little kids are "silly" and "unnecessary" but who cares really? I think they are absolutely adorable and why not celebrate ending the Pre-K year and moving into "real school?" I hear they are practicing a song to sing. Last year when I watched Brooke graduate PreK I had to hold back tears. I mean my eyes and throat were burning people! I mostly held it back because I didn't want Arnold to make fun of me. But it's a big moment. For 9 months I carried my little bean, then I gave birth, then I stayed at home with him for 4 years and now he is leaving me for school already?! Its unimaginable I tell you.

2. Rachel's Bumble Bee party! Preparations are slowly but surely coming along. I am trying to get everything ready for this weekend. This will be my last year of getting to plan my own thing for the kids, so I'd better enjoy it. I know Rachel will want to pick her own theme next year.

3. The Last Day of School- 4 1/2 more days of school left. Craziness. Seems like just yesterday I was dropping the kids off for their FIRST day and then coming home to sit on the couch and cry like a baby. Now the year is over and they have toughened up and became smart little ones! I am nervous about having all 3 kids home this Summer and keeping them busy and entertained. But I know I will enjoy having the quality time with them and making memories.

4. My "Little" Brother's Birthday. I feel weird calling him little anymore, since this year he will be turning 23. But he will always be little brother to me! ;) His bday is on the 10th. I hope he will be able to come into town so that we can go see him.

5. Father's Day. Love days meant to celebrate important people in our lives. Of course we should let them know often that we appreciate them--not just on the holidays. But everyone knows I am all about celebrating ;) I have found some CUTE ideas on Pinterest for Arnold and the grandpas, but I won't put them on here JUST IN CASE Arnold happens to come across my blog before then. Not that he read this very much, but with my luck he would decide to just this once....

6. Rachel's actual Birthday. On the 18th my baby girl will turn 3 years old. At 2:55 PM to be exact. 3 years ago I brought my last baby into this world. At age 3 they feel like so much more of a BIG kid to me. They start to talk more, do more things, become more independent, and lost their "baby face." It is SO, so sad to me. We are just about out of that baby stage. We have already gotten rid of the crib, the bibs, the "baby" toys.... just waiting on the diapers and the sip cups to be gone and we will be "baby free" in this household. Don't know how I feel about that! Well yeah I do-- to be honest, it sucks!!!! But I know kids won't stay little for long.. I just have to enjoy the time while I can.

7. Celebrating OTHERS birthdays. Including one of my best friends-- who turns 27 on June 21st. Then one of my best friend's son's turns 1 year old (!!!) on June 16th. Then of course,  your's truly will begin her week-long celebration of HER birthday the last week of June. (If you know me.. you know all about the birthday week ;) I will be turning 27 on the 1st of July. So I always celebrate the last week of June before all the 4th of July festivities. I am starting my late 20's this year so I don't know If I'm supposed to still love my birthdays at this age????? Someone clue me in???? When do birthdays stop being fun?????

This little angel, Rachel Louise, turns THREE on the 18th :)

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