Saturday, March 5, 2011

Date Night

I had been wanting to go shopping for some new clothes ever since we went got our tax money. I have NO problem shopping for tons of clothing for my kids, but I can never seem to find the time to get out and buy so much as a new shirt for myself (sounds like a Mom doesnt it?! Anyway, I definaetly didnt want to go shopping with the kids, so Arnold and I decided to go out and make a night of it. After we dropped the kids off we stopped by Sonic and got a quick dinner. Then we went to Kohls. I had a 15% off coupon and a Kohls Cash I had earned a few weeks ago, so I knew I could get a better deal there. I went around grabbing all these tops I liked and went back in the dressing room to try them on. Arnold went with me too.. he actually went in the room with me. I know that that might have looked bad, but I can guarantee I was just trying on clothes and he was just helping me make quick decisions. i am the worst at deciding on clothes! So i would try something on.. hed say yes or no, and that was it. Quickest shopping Ive ever done ;) I found several new tops that i LOVE.. including one purple one, that I plan to wear for our family pics next weekend. I also found a dress I loved, but I didnt want to spend that much so I didnt get it.. might go back for it some other time, though. We also stopped by the jewelry and I found some earrings, a necklace, and a new watch. It felt AWESOME to shop for myself.. I forgot how fun it was ;)

Here I am wearing one of my new tops

And Here is my new watch. Love the band.. it will be harder for me to break. I am the worst when it comes to accidentally breaking my jewelry.

After we left Kohls, Arnold suggested we stop by Coldstone. I have never been there before (I know, shocker, right?!) My friends all rave about it.. so I was ready to go. I got CAKE BATTER icecream, and let me tell you-- it was delicious! I also got it in a waffle cone bowl, and we both got the medium-sized. Big mistake.. that was too much sugary-goodness for one night.. I couldnt finish it. Oh, and if you are wondering, Arnold got the oreo cream filling icecream.. and it was good too (he let me taste a bite ;)

This is what my icecream in its bowl looked like.. except the icecream was a different flavor. Yummy, right?!

After the icream we headed to one more store, to pick up a birthday bag and a card for a party we were going to today. And then we went back and picked up Brooke and Caleb (Rachel spent the night with my parents). It was SUCH a nice evening.. Arnold and I dont realized how stressed we are until we get a night out ALONE. :)


  1. yay for new clothes! you look cute in that shirt. And that ice cream does look yummy!! We may have to plan a trip to Coldstone hehe

  2. I cant believe you've never been to I love their sweet cream ice cream! Its so yummy! And I love that watch!