Monday, March 28, 2011


Saturday morning I had meant to get up at 6:15, so I could head to some yardsales and consignment sales. I had set my alarm, and I hit the snooze button FIVE times, and just kept on sleeping. Didnt help that it was a dreary day outside! I finally got up when the kids did, and I decided it was still worth it to go out for a little bit, so I took Brooke w/ me and Arnold stayed at home with the little kids. First we went to a church consignment sale that Ive been to a few times.. I found a few things, a few books and puzzles for the kids, and 2 pairs of Pjs for Caleb for next year. Then we went back to that same church sale, for half-off day. Mostly everything was gone by then, but I did find a few cute little outfits for my friend Jess who is having a baby in June. After we got back, Lauryn came by and picked up Brooke, and took her to a party that a Mom's group we are in was having. I was going out w/ my dad that day and wasnt able to go.. I thought that was really sweet of Lauryn.. and Brooke seemed to have a great time!

Every once in awhile my Dad and I get together for a "lunch date." I have always been close to my dad and he has always been there for me growing up. Getting married and moving away was really hard for me to get used to.. and so I like still getting to see him and these little "dates" are a great way for us to catch up. We went to Dos Amigos (we both love Mexican!) And I got the meal w/ the burrito and rice. We chatted for awhile.. mostly about the kids. Dad suggested us looking into the preschool program at their church, for Caleb this up-coming year. He said its a great program and of course we know the people running it. So i think Ill do that.. still havent decided if I want him to go somewhere this year, or stay at home with me.. its all up in the air at this point.
That afternoon we all chilled out and did basically nothing..

The kids eventually took naps, and I got online and watched some episodes of that new show "One Born Every Minute" that Joanne had told me about.. I really like that show! Some of the episodes were really funny. When the kids woke up we took them over to their grandparents' houses.. they were going to watch them for the night so Arnold and I could get together w/ a good friend of ours, Matt, for his Birthday. I became good friends wih him when I went to WCU, and we have stayed in touch ever since. I affectionally call him my BIG BROTHER :)
After we dropped the kids off.. its like instant relief! Haha.. that sounds bad, doesnt it? Its just amazing how quiet it is on a car ride with no kids in the back of the van.. screaming and singing. We actually get to have a conversation!
We went to Pizza Hut to pick up some pizzas, and to the store to get some icecream. Then we came back home and Matt came over. He brought his WII and a bunch of games. We ate, then started playing. We played Super Mario Brother first, which is always fun. Of course they made me be the silly little mushroom head character. I did really, really badly in that game.. I kept dying :( I am not good at video games, haha! Then we played Wii sports.. I really liked the bowling. we also did baseball and golf. I basically kicked the guys' butts in Wii sports.. oh yeah, Im the "fake sports" champion! ;) It was such a fun evening. I really wish we could do that more often.. because I miss seeing Matt! Oh and Today is his actual Birthday.. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG BROTHER!!!!! :)
Matt and I

Excited over my PINK Wii controller ;)

The guys playing Super Mario Brothers

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