Friday, March 4, 2011

Rachel & Grayson's Date

My friend Lauryn has a son, Grayson (who is absolutely adorable by the way ;) And we joke all the time that him and Rachel are boyfriend/girlfriend. Lauryn and I get together alot so the babies get to see each other alot. (I call Rachel a baby, but really shes not anymore :( They are so cute together, both of them having blonde hair and blue eyes.. people have thought they were twins before!

Anyway, we went out on Wed. We met up at Kohls and did a little shopping. I was mostly there to exhange some clothes for a different size.. My mother-in-law had gotten the kids some cute outfits but most of them were the wrong size. So after getting that taken care of we just browsed around.. Here is Grayon and Rachel sitting side by side in the clothes section, picking out Grayon a new pair of jammies ;)

After that we went to Target, to pick out a birthday gift for a party we are going to this weekend. We were looking for a pollypocket playset and some nailpolish. So we get to the checkout line and the pack of nailpolish is no where to be found (and im looking everywhere) So i just decide to get the playset and get out of there.. I figured Rachel had just thrown it out of her stroller.. she likes to hurl things out of there on a daily basis. (.. guess what turned out last night? The nailpolish.. which I guess makes us theieves ;) But we will be returning it to Target tonight, I promise. I try to be very honest!)

Anyway, then we decided to go to lunch. The kids did pretty good, considering they are used to eating early, like around 11:00. But maybe that had something to do with all the snacks Lauryn had brought for the kids.. Caleb loves her for her un-ending thoughfulness everytime we get together ;) We went to El Paso. I had never been there before.. surprised considering I LOVE mexican! We got 2 highchairs and Rachel and Grayson sat at the end of the table together. They "jabbered" over chips and tea. Several times Grayson tried to steal her sipcup, and drink it. Which didnt seem to bother Rachel, at all. He also took a chip from her.. so cute. guess its a "man thing" because I know of lots of men who like to steal food from their women ;) Together the two of them made quite the mess on the floor.. I always feel sorry for who-ever cleans up after my kids! I do try to get the big stuff up before leaving though, and leave a good tip! Caleb got a cheese qusidilla and rice, and Rachel basically inhaled his rice.. thats one of her favorite foods. And I tried the "Nachos Grande" which were soo good. I was stuffed when we got out of there. The kids had a great time and are already planning next weeks' get-away! ;)

Here are the little ones enjoying their lunch :)

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