Saturday, March 12, 2011

Family Picture Day!

I was so, so, so happy this morning when I saw that the sun was SHINING and it was actually pretty warm by the time we left for Amy's house. Alot of you know this already, but I have a friend, Amy, who is a photographer, and we go to her to have our family pics done. We havent gone in a REALLY long time though.. the last family pic we had done was when Rachel was barely months old. It was done by the church. So we were way over-do. I really wanted us to match (colors) and I know some people think that is cheesy or "too much" but I like it. So we decided on purple/lavender for tops. I found the girls almost identical outfits except Rachel's capris had different color stripes than Brooke's. And Caleb wore a white polo but it had some purple in it. I even convinced Rachel to let me stick a little bow in her hair for the pics ;)

The kids did really well, I think. With Rachel being the toughest.. but she's at that age. Amy got some really cute shots of the 3 of them together.. then Rachel started getting whiny. So she bribed her with candy! (exactly what I do, like i put in my last post ;) And that made for a few more good shots, but after that, she was done. Then we did a family picture... and then individual pics of each of the kids. I wanted to do an outfit change for those pictures. I had fun picking out some of their new spring/summer outfit for them to wear. Rachel's especially I loved! And Amy's daughter just so happened to have the matching bows to that line from Gymboree, so she let us borrow them. So Rachel had a tiny little pigtail and the curly bows to match.. love it! :)

Amy has been working on editing our pics this afternoon.. and I will post them on FB when she gets done. I am so anxious to see them! I know Ill have a hard time deciding which ones to get.. I wish I could buy every single pose! :)

Heres a few pics of us getting ready to go today...

Aren't the girls cute matching?!

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