Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grayson's Party & Saturday

This past Saturday we were invited to Grayson's first birthday party!!! I cannot BELIEVE he is one already.. he's not even MY kid and i was emotional ;) I remember like it was yesterday that I was throwing my BF Lauryn a baby shower :)

Anyway, that morning I got up early and went to a few yardsales w/ my friend Jess. I hit the jackpot at one church sale, and found a ton of clothes for Brooke, some were even Gymboree. And a pair of (looked like brand new) Circo sandals. So i have a good stockpile of play clothes for her now. All the proceeds from that sale went to benefit the people in Japan, I thought that was really nice. There werent many sales out that morning, so we went to Target and Walmart for awhile before coming back home.
Then we headed to Grayson's party. Lauryn and I spend a lot of time together but it was my first time going to her house! Its out on the lake, so its quite a drive. Thankfully she gave us really good directions so we found it pretty easily. On the way we saw a big yardsale on the side of the road and stopped to look, and Caleb found a HUGE robot.. that basically weighs more than him, but he just had to have it. So we got it for him.. unfortunately that thing takes about a billion batteries and is a pain in the butt, but at least he likes it. Anyway.. Graysons party was a lot of fun. It was so relaxing and nice being there at the lake. SUCH beautiful weather too.. the kids got to wear some of their new spring clothes. The cake was SO yummy, and had little firetrucks, adorable. Grayson really racked up on some gifts too.. looks like he got some great stuff!!
Anyway, since we were only about 30-45 mins away at that point from Concord Mills, we decided to go and take the kids. Ok.. ARNOLD decided this. I dont know what posessed that man to decide that, because usually he is the first one out of the two of us to get stressed out and ready to lay the kids down for a nap. But i agreed.. and we went. It was so packed.. even more so than usual.. I knew we were in for something. We went to a few stores.. I bought Rachel a turtle bathing suit from the Gymboree outlet, and we got the kids a few books at Books a Million. By then I was ready for one of my anxiety pills.. and just as it took effect and I started to fell mellow.. Arnold was ready to leave :P
So we head to my parents house after that, because they had invited us over for dinner. My brother was in town, so it was a chance for the kids to see their Uncle Alex :) They made ribs.. which everyone knows I dont eat any kind of meat on a bone.. so.. my mom made me fish instead. By then of course the kids hadnt had a nap all day, and they were actually doing surprisingly well. It was ME that was the problem.. I was downright exhausted. But we made it through dinner and the family- get together and it was fun. As SOON as we got home though, I went straight to bed, and slept like a baby. 9:30 on a Sat. night?? OH yeah baby, Im living the life ;)

Fun on the Lake

Having some Birthday Cake

Every once in awhile i catch a sweet moment....

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  1. Im so glad you guys came down !!! It was a great day ! It didnt hit me till Monday that my little guy wasnt a little guy anymore and I cryed like a baby I will blog soon about it........