Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Picture Day

Yesterday was a horrible day for Spring Pictures! There were days in FEBRUARY of this year that made it up to the 70s, miraculously.. and yet the one day I really wanted to dress Brooke in one her cute new spring outfits, and have a pic taken.. of course the weather is in the 50s and raining.. HARD!

Nothing like waiting unti last minute to pick out her outfit, either. I literally was looking around in her closet that morning, half asleep, figuring out what she was going to wear. I was so irritated. Sounds like a small thing, and it really is. But everything that would be warm enough for her to wear didnt look "SPRING!" There was one thing in the back of her closet though, a sweater my Mother-in-law had given her back at Christmas that she never got around to wearing. So i tried that on her, and decided that was what she was going to wear. It was white and had flowers, so it had a hint of Spring, I guess. But the sleeves were too long! So i rolled up the ends into a cuff, and hoped for the best.

I then tried curling the ends of her hair (first time I had tried the curling iron on her) And it looked cute, but Im sure it went flat the second she stepped out into the rain. Her hair is like mine, and doesn't do much.. and then when you add weather into the mix its impossible to make it look good. So she went to school and had her pics, and she TOLD ME she smiled.. so we will see :) They send home a packet for us to look at, of proofs. Thank goodness we didnt have to prepay! You never know how preschool pictures will turn out ;)

PS- Arnold told me later that day that the teacher noticed her tag was still on the sweater. We had never even taken the tag off, just threw it on her. Oh well, not every day is a "Mom of the Year Award" day ;)

Smiling before she left for School

Up-Close of her hair. Dont know why pictures make her nose look so "pronounced" (aka BIG) Her nose isnt that big in real life! Or maybe it does and I just have never noticed.

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  1. She is such a cutie..and that sweater is cute!