Monday, March 7, 2011

Party like a Rockstar!!!

Saturday was pretty busy for us, we had two birthday parties to go to. But first we went to my parents' house to pick up Rachel (she had spent the night since Arnold and I had gone out the night before). Then we went to Walmart because we had some time to kill, and let the kids pick out their prize. We have a chart system going on right now, and its too long to explain.. but the main point is that the kids get a small prize after 7 stars, and after 28 stars they get a trip to Chuck E Cheese. So it should take them about a month to earn enough to go there, but they miss out somedays because they just decide they do not want to behave at all!

Anyway, we went to Amy's house for Kenzie's 6th birthday party. She had a Luau theme.. it was very cute. There were even some people wearing their tropical apparel.. and there were leis for everyone to wear :) Unfortunately it rained that morning, so they didnt get to do the party outside like they had hoped. We had pizza from CiCis, and another yummy cake from a bakery near their house, that they get all their cakes from. I dont have any pics from the party because I forgot to take my camera.. and Amy hasnt posted any yet!!

Later that afternoon we went to Malachi's 5th birthday party. Malachi is in Brooke's class at school and you all have probably heard me talk about him alot. Him and Brooke are inseperable.. they are boyfriend/girlfriend (they even call each other that! ;) Anyway, they had it at their church. They had an organization called CLAWS come out and do a presentation. They brought some live animals with them for the kids to see.. a raccoon, skunk, owl, snake, bearded dragon.. it was really neat! I learned alot too ;) They let the kids get up close and personal and touch the animals. Of course my daughter was the first one up there ready to pet the snake.. while most people were squirming in their seats when they brought him out! and at one point all the kids were petting the skunk (very roughly I might add.. poor skunk! Dont worry-- he had been ripped of his stink-spraying abilities :) I was happy they brought the owl.. I love owls! It was neat to see one up-close. Oh and another awesome thing about the party was that I got to see Karen!! She was my freshman roomate when I went to WCU for a year. I hardly ever get to see her because she lives several hours away. Sooo.. the party was really neat and the kids had a BLAST.. but we were definately ready to get home and get everyone ready for bed that evening.. the kids were in bed just before 7pm.. very early for them, but none of them had naps that afternoon!!

The beautiful owl!

Checking out the snake

Petting Mr Skunk :)

Malachi even shared a hug with the skunk :)

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  1. What a fun birthday party :) I love the picture of Malachi hugging the skunk. So cute. I'm glad it didn't have it's stink sprayer ;)