Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where has the Time Gone??

Ok so.. we had a meeting at Brooke's school last night, for the parents of up-coming Kindergarten students. Whats up with that?! ;) It isnt supposed to be here already! Anyway.. THANKFULLY they had childcare for the kids while the parents went into the meeting, so we were able to leave Brooke, Caleb AND Rachel in Brooke's classroom w/ her very own teacher. They did pretty well.. Mrs Corpening said she turned on Barney for the little kids, and Rachel danced the whole time ;) I apologized for her having to watch all of my kids that night.. I am glad they behaved! The meeting went well.. we got to meet the Kindy teachers.. they all seemed pretty nice to me, so I feel a little more comforted. They have started a new program where they have "pods" and the classrooms are all connected and dont have doors, etc.. and the kids move around to different stations throughout the day (math, reading, science, etc) And kindy-2nd grades all mix together for a lot of this. And they have the same teachers for 3 years.. SORT OF like highschool. It sounded pretty interesting. We are able to choose to put Brooke in that program, or stick with a traditional classroom setting. They said the kids usually learn a LOT that are in that program, and are very social at the end of the year. So I think Brooke would do well with it, but we are still deciding. I DO like the fact that she has the same teachers for a few years, because I dont like change that much.. Haha.

I just cant get over how much Brooke has grown, and changed. Im glad she was in preschool this past year.. I feel like she will transition to Kindergarden VERY well. She has mastered most of the things on the "readiness" list, and we are still working with her alot. Last night I worked with her on her address and phone number.. we still have a ways to go with that! But she does say that she lives in North Carolina.. or America.. so thats a start ;) She is so smart.. she is already doing Kindy/1st grade books, and knows a lot of things. She is a very independent little girl, and in some ways that makes me sad.. but I know she still needs me.
I am including a few pics of Brooke throughout the years.. look how shes changed!

Sweet Baby Girl.. only 2 Months old!

Halfway between then and now-- About 2 1/2. And look how tall and mature she already looks! She is way ahead on the growth charts ;)

My big girl now. Seriously.. I could cry.

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