Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lots of Updates!!

Im sure most of you noticed I haven't been online the past week.. thats why there have been none of my usual uploaded pics, frequent status updates, or BLOGS! So i have a lot to catch up on, but I am going to try to squeeze most of it into one blog.. so here goes..

1. Sister-inlaw and I went shopping last Sunday. It was fun to get out for awhile and chat. I also found some really cute things for the kids' easter baskets :)

2. Our next-door neighbor told us about a mobile vet service that comes out to your house to give your pets their checkups and even shots. She was getting her dogs checkups, and asked if we wanted to get Pepper and Oreo checkups. So we split the fee for them to come (ours was $22) Which was well worth it, not to have to haul in 2 dogs! Both the dogs are very healthy, and they had all their shots, and got started on a heartworm medicine. I am so glad everything is good. Its been tough at times, but Im really glad we adopted them last year!

3. Mon. night we went to celebrate MIL's birthday. She turned 60!!! Quite a milestone. She had a yummy icecream cake.. it was so good. We gave her new kitchen things and a framed new prof. pic of the kids (and some others) as her gift.

4. I weighed the kids this week. Rachel was 29 lbs. Caleb was 36 lbs. And Brooke was 48 lbs! I cannot believe it!!! The little kids stayed about the same but Brooke gained about 2 lbs. That girl can eat.. seriously. She is slimming out as she gets taller though, so the drs dont seem worried.

5. Went to turn in Brooke's school library book this week.. and.. couldnt find it! Anywhere. We tore this house up looking for that thing.. seriously. I am so beyond frustrated. If we dont find It I guess we will be paying for it.

6. Oriental is one of my new fave. places to order from. I ordered a bunch of stuff for Rachels birthday party in June (they had OWL stuff-- i was so excited! And some baby shower things for my friend. I found a free shipping code, so it was a great deal.

7. I usually am not the type of person to buy things ahead of time, but I have already started buying easter and birthday things for the kids, a little at a time, as I see good deals. I found a cute jewelry set for Brooke at Target one night, and am saving that. I also saw a great deal on the other day so I bought Brooke a personalized TANGLED blanket, and Caleb an Iron Man art set. They are going to have some cute things for their bdays this year.

8. Ok so.. Arnold and I have been married 5 yrs. And in that 5 yrs we have NEVER had cable in this house. It would have been nice to have, but I learned to do without it. But we have finally decided to order it! We are having a guy come out tomorow, actually. I think Iwill love having more channels than just ABC, NBC, and PBS kids.. haha. (and even those channels can mess up if the weather outside is bad!)

9. Arnold got a new Bible from my parents back at Christmas. I have really gotten into that! Its a Max Lucado edition, and he includes a lot of his thoughts, and "life lessons" that Ive really enjoyed reading. I think this will help me get into the Bible even more..

10. I have cooked dinner for Arnold several nights this week. Simple stuff of course.. have to start slow people! But I really enjoyed doing it. I like doing that for him.. even if he doesnt mind if I dont. I think this might inspire me to start cooking more, and learn new recipes that I can work on.

11. I heard that our county is quitting the "More at 4" program. This wasnt a shock to me, since they had talked about it alot, and are cutting funds like crazy to the programs they already have. But it still made me really sad. We had planned to put Caleb in it this year. I know he would gain a lot of things, socially at least. Im not so worried about the academics, because I know he can get that here at home with me. The very day I heard the news, his new bookbag from LL Bean, with his name on it, arrived in the mail :-/ I guess Ill save it for Kindergarten.

12. With all the time off the internet this past week, Arnold and I watched a bunch of movies. We watched "The Switch" with Jennifer Aniston, and "Due Date." They were both alright I guess. Due Date was pretty crude and disastorous in most parts.. but I kindof expected that! I also watched "Up" again with Caleb and Rachel once day.. such a cute movie :)

Well thats about it for now.. and I included a few pictures of the kids, because what a blog without pics?!

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