Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekly Random Thoughts!

1. Still cant get over how cute Brooke and her "boyfriend" Malachi are. They saw each other last night.. and went running down the hall into each other's arms. precious :)

2. Very good service at church this past Sunday. We talked about sins, and casting of stones.. and judging people. I really liked it.. I try so hard not to judge, but sometimes I do just like anyone else. Then we prayed and went to the alter and layed down our stones (yes they handed out real stones to us!) and that was very moving.

3. Caleb, Rachel and I rocked out to some GLEE cds today while I was cleaning. They love the songs as much I do. I have cds 1-3, I really want to get the next 2 sometime.

4. I am already thinking about Caleb's party, and its not till August. I am thinking.. Ice cream social?? Have icecream, and TONS of toppings layed out, and everyone could make their own sundaes. Such a cute idea... Any suggestions on good topping ideas??

5. Looked through old pics of the kids, on the computer, today. I like doing that every so often to see how they have changed, and to look back at good memories. It sometimes makes me happy, sometimes just gives me a sick feeling in my gut! I need these kids to stop growing! ;)

6. I am glad the sun is shining today, even if its still chilly out! The next 3 days are supposed to be rainy again, though. Not looking forward to that. I seem to have no energy on those days!

7. So.. the lost library book I wrote about in a previous blog? Yeah.. still a n0-show. So i guess I will pay the $12.99 for it tomorrow :-/ The good thing is-- they said if they found it, they will reimburse us for it.

8. Received my order in the mail, of stuff for Brooke's Pre-K graduation party. Yes.. I am having a party, even for that! I look for any excuse to party.. if you know me, you know that! Its going to be small.. just a cake and family/friends getting together. I ordered these CUTE little owl suckers w/ grad hats on, for the kids. And ordered Brooke a stuffed bear w/ a graduation cap and robe on (in her school color) and it says "Brooke" on the back. Wanted her to have a momento!

9. Going to mcdonalds tonight for dinner.. they are doing a thing to support Brooke's school. Hey.. the school gets money AND I dont have to cook?! Sounds pretty good to me!! :)

10. My new love-- Darius Rucker!!! He is the singer for Hootie and the Blowfish. Now he is solo, and does country! I love listening to his latest cd, just bought it the other day.

11. Having fun shopping for babies again. Just bought my bestest's shower gift the other night. Was fun to be back in Babies R Us. I also found Rachel some CUTE shoes on clearance while i was there. One of ARnold's best friend's wife is due in June also, so I will probably go look for her a gift sometime, too. I could shop for babies all day long! :)

12. Found out another local consignment sale is this Thurs-Sat.. so I guess I will be heading up there Thurs night w/ Joanne. The kids dont technically need any more clothes/toys I guess, but If I find a good deal, why not?!

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