Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick Baby

I knew something was wrong with Rachel this morning. She is usually very active and running around 100 miles a minute. But she was very cranky this morning, and kept grunting at me to pick her up. So we rocked in the recliner for awhile, and she just snuggled in and let me cuddle her. Odd for her because normally she will NOT sit still! Then she was up for awhile, but she decided to lay down in the middle of the living room floor, and the next thing I knew she was snoring! She slept for about an hour or so.. wish I would have gotten a picture of her. She was in her signature pose of sleeping with tummy down and tushie up in the air ;)

She hardly ate any breakfast or lunch today.. so that just confirmed that she wasnt feeling good. We lounged on the couch most of the morning, and we watched "Full House" (i have all the seasons on boxset :) I have gotten Caleb into that show, so we watch that whenever we want to lounge around but I am sick of the kiddie cartoons! We also got out a big pile of books from Caleb's room and read for awhile. All the while Rachel nestled down in my arms, content as can be. I felt her forehead and she was burning up! I took her temp, and it WAS a slight fever, so I gave her some tylenyol. I dont care for the thermometer we have thought.. its temporal and doesnt always give accurate readings.

She was a trooper for the rest of the day, including going to pick up Brooke from school. But she was just so pitiful :( When we got home she took a long nap in our bed.. she was still snoring at dinner time! She didnt even touch her dinner,and even turned down a grape popsicle I offered her :-/ I have no clue what she even has.. hopefully just a cold or something simple. I hope she is feeling better tomorrow.. I hate to see my babies sick!

Pitiful baby lounging on daddy. Holding her puppydog, Mindy :

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