Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I knew yesterday was going to be a long day when Rachel woke up acting clingy again, and wanting to cuddle a lot. She still wasn't feeling like her usual self, but at least she didn't have a fever! We spent the whole day inside and didn't do much of anything. The first frustrating thing to happen yesterday was I couldn't find my cellphone ANYWHERE. It drove me crazy because I was certain that I had left it in my purse the night before, but it wasnt there. Asked a friend of mine to call it.. and yep, you guessed it, went straight to voicemail. Just my luck it would have died! I am so glad I didnt have an emergency yesterday because I went all day without it and we just use cells, not a landline. Then after we picked up Brooke from school, we came home and I tried to lay Rachel down for a nap, but since she had fallen asleep for awhile earlier (she wasnt feelng well) she wouldnt go back to sleep. This is my kid that usually takes 2-3 hr naps in the afternoon! So i was exhausted by the time Arnold got home because none of the kids took naps!

The day started turning around that evening. I finally found my phone.. It had been down under the cushions of the recliner-- the same seat i sit in when im on the laptop. So i had essentially been sitting on it all day, and had no idea! Isnt that how it always is? Anyway, my friend had asked me awhile back if I wanted to get together and go out to eat and do a little shopping, so i went to meet her in Hickory. We ate a quick dinner at Jack in the Box.. Since they do breakfast all day, I got a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and hashbrowns and it was so good... I usually just eat cereal in the mornings. I dropped some of the kids outgrown clothes and shoes at a local consignment shop and made a little money, so that was nice. While i was there I found a few things for the kids, including a Batman DVD that Caleb is going to LOVE. I have written before that he is obsessed with superheros lately.. he cant get enough :) Then we went to Target.. and of course that store always gets me into trouble! I found some more things for the kids' easter baskets. Then we looked through the scrapbooking stuff and I found a few things to get. I am having a scrapbook night next week w/ some friends, so I needed some things. I also lucked out and found the cutest jewelry-making set on clearance.. gotta love those endcaps! I am going to save it for Brooke's birthday, probably.

I got home around 8:30 and Arnold had already put the kids to bed (God bless him! haha) And everything was calm and quiet. The house was a wreck, but I decided to hold my tongue, because he had been sweet enough to watch them while I escaped for awhile :) We snuggled up on the couch and watched a few episodes of "Big Bang Theory" (funniest show ever, and one of my new favorites-- if you haven't seen it yet, you NEED to!) I didnt realize how tired I was until I sat down and relaxed. I have come to the conclusion that Girls' nights go by WAY to fast. I wish i could do stuff like that all the time.. but.. I would be broke! ;)

Quote for the Day-- "Just when the caterpillar thought his world was over, he turned into a beautiful butterfly."

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  1. Michaels is having a huge sale on scrapbook stuff! You should check it out!