Monday, March 28, 2011


Friday was one of those dreaded "teacher workdays" at Brooke's school, so I had all 3 kids home with me, ALL DAY. I forgot how tough it was with all 3 at home, I don't know how i did it before! I tried to entertain them, but there was only so much we could do inside.. thats another thing-- of course the day they are all at home, its too cold to go outside and play! I ended up bribing them (horrible, I know) with a lunch trip to McDonalds to get happy meals, if they would behave. They didnt really behave as much as I had wanted.. and did we still go to McDonalds?? Yeah... so sue me, I wanted a big sweet tea! Anyway, Arnold, God bless him, came home early from work that day.. since he got all his work done earlier than usual. So he helped with the kids some. And then that afternoon my mom came over to see the kids, and brought them a new movie-- Cat in the Hat (the version w/ the real people) and she popped popcorn and watched the movie w/ them. Caleb has since watched that movie 3 more times.. Im telling you, that Kid is addicted to Tv!

There was a kids consignment sale at a local church/school that evening, and It was a first-time sale for them, but I love a good deal, so I decided to go. I met my friend Lauryn there. They didnt have TOO many things, but I did find a few things. I bought Rachel 2 new dresses.. (I am blaming it on Lauryn, she kept saying how cute they were ;) One was a pink smocked dress, and one was a Gymboree dress that looked new! And here was my real score-- a brand new OWL pinata! Random to most people I guess.. but a great find for me! It will be perfect for Rachel's owl-themed birthday party in June. The lady who sold it told me she had just used it as decoration, not as a pinata. She sold it for $5-- and the same pinata goes for $15 online, plus shipping. Glad i hadnt bought it already! Anyway, after the sale, Lauryn and I went to Olive Garden for dinner. an EARLY dinner I might add.. but thats the way to go on a fri night, so you dont have to wait several hours to get a table (which I wont do-- Im way too impatient, remember?!) We had lasanga, salad, and breadsticks.. sooo yummy!

Oh and Friday was the day the Cable guy came out!! Yes, Arnold and I have been married for 5 years and never had Cable before now. We dont watch that much tv to begin with. We found a pretty good deal on a pack that included phone, internet, and cable.. so thats what we got. The internet is SUPER fast now, and we got wireless, and so I can even sit in my bed on my laptop which is awesome!!! I spent all Fri. evening just laying in bed, watching tv shows Ive missed online ;)

See.. here I am in my bed. And sporting my Christ Church tshirt, too, along w/ my pj pants :P

Arnold took this pic.. he is silly

The kids followed the poor Cable guy around everywhere asking him questions.. he was very sweet though, and talked to them as much as he could. He said he had a son named Caleb, too, and a dog named Bobo! (Calebs nickname) We all found that hilarious. But anyway, I am still getting used to everything.. I hear the phone ring and it startles me.. because until now we just used a cellphone as our phone line at home! But i guess its good to have now, in case of an emergency. We just got the basic cable stations for right now, so nothing special, but at least we can watch our fave. shows on the actual NIGHT they come on! Big Bang Theory here I come!! :) we might upgrade to a better package in the future, but Im happy with this for now. The internet being the best part of it all, for a nerd like me ;)

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