Friday, April 1, 2011

Health Updates

I feel like so much has been going on lately, medical-wise. I am seriously getting sick of drs! I've been sick and having pains for a few months now, and everyone thought it was my gallbladder. I went in to get an ultrasound on my gallbladder, and they didnt find any stones (thank goodness) but they said it could still be giving me problems, just by not functioning right, so I went to see a surgeon this past week. He said I have all the classic symtpoms, and would recommend me getting it out. He said if I wanted, there was one more test they could do, to try to prove it. I forgot the name of it.. but its where they inject radio-active dye into your bloodstream and they can get pics of the gallbladder. They give you a medicine and it will make your gallbladder squeeze and empty.. and it will show how it is functioning. SO i have that test set up on Mon the 11th. I am not looking foward to it, but maybe it will give me some more answers. After that I guess I will look into scheduling the dreaded surgery. I know it can be no big deal.. but with my past history, they will have to give me bloodthinners and keep me on watch for another bloodclot, so its extra risky and scary for me. I am really dreading it. I also have never been put under before, so I am weary of that, too. I like feeling in control of things, and so that bothers me. Anyway, I guess I will update more as I find more out. Id appreciate prayers because i will need them!!

As for Miss Brooke.. Well.. we are still doing the run-around w/ her drs, about trying to get this MRI scheduled. When we finally got thru to the dr, somehow they hadnt gotten around to ordering the test, so they told me they did it THAT DAY and would call us in a few days. I did get 2 missed calls the number, but they never left me a message! (who does that?!) I then called back and SURPRISE.. they never answered OR called me back from my message. I am about at my wits end with all this. Hopefully the MRI wont show anything wrong w/ Brooke's brain, but if there IS something, I want it to be found now!! This isnt something to mess around with.

The other day her teacher called and asked me to come pick her up. She said she had the starts of pink eye. She also told me she had had one of her seizures at school. She blanked out for a little while and they couldnt get through to her, and her hand was shaking. THey said it really bothered them. Bothered me too, and I didnt even see it! I just dont understand why this is happening to my sweet girl, but I know we dont have answers to alot of things. Since this is the 2nd or 3rd one we have noticed already, that means more likely that she will have to go on medication now. Which.. I still dont know how i Feel about that. If it helps her, thats great. But if it has weird side effects or affects her development.. that worries me. I guess i just need to pray alot about it. Anyway-- back to the pink eye. I called the dr and she asked me lots of questions.. she said it was possible it was just allergies, too. She called us in meds though, and we put drops in Brooke's eyes several times. Her eye was not looking that bad at all, and I really dont think it was pink eye.. but she stayed out of school all day. Boy was that an adventure!!

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