Wednesday, July 20, 2011

2nd Tooth Gone!!

Guess who lost her SECOND tooth the other night?! Brooke!! I only knew her tooth had been wiggly for a few days, Arnold had pointed it out to me. And then it was SO wiggly the other night that he said he was afraid it was going to fall out in the middle of the night, or she might swallow it, so he was going to try to pull it himself. I get all queasy when it comes to teeth, so I hated even thinking about that! I went off into another room while he messed around with Brooke's tooth. She didnt mind it.. shes always been a brave kid! He kept asking her "does that hurt" and "that?" HAHA. But finally I heard yay! we did it! Go show Mommy! So I knew it was out. Brooke ran in and proudly showed me the tooth and the hole in her mouth. I got the camera and phone and had to send out pics to the grandparents of course ;)

I just never thought we'd be dealing with a kid losing teeth THIS young! I heard that the normal ages to lose a tooth are between ages 5-7. So I expected that it was going to be a bit longer. I lost my first tooth sometime in Kindergarten. And Brooke has already lost TWO.. the first back when she was in preschool, and now the 2nd one. The first place already has a full-grown adult tooth in there now! I guess she will be going back to school with a big hole in her mouth now ;) Just wonder when the 3rd one will become loose now??

Thank goodness it worked out on a night when I had some 1's in my purse, because we usually dont carry cash around with us. We gave ger $5 for her first tooth since it was special, and plan to do $1 for every tooth from now on. I heard her and Caleb talking in her bedroom before they went to sleep that night, and he said something about $20!! I was like DREAM ON KIDDO! haha. That kid has expensive tastes (which he SO got from his Daddy.. that man can drop some money.. usually its women that are like that ;) Anyway, Arnold got in there and was able to slip it under her pillow without her or Rachel waking up (which is a miracle!) and it so happens so was sleeping with her head at the wrong end of the bed, so that helped a little ;) And the next morning she came into my bedroom crying, saying the tooth fairy hadnt come.. and it just turns out that the dollar had fallen under her when she found it, she was A-OK! :) :)

Is that the look of proud or what?? :)

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