Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Adventure of a Day

It was another one of those days yesterday. All i wanted was to take the kids out of the house.. thought it would be good for both them AND me because we havent done that much this week really.

We went to the mall playarea and met up with Erika and the kids. The kids did ok in there for awhile, but everytime they get in there they get too excited and run around and around in circles and nearly run over people sitting down. And they kept watching the icecream shop, and hoping for it to open, and when they did, they begged and begged me for icecream. Which I almost gave in, but decided against it since it was so close to lunch time. I then called Arnold and asked him if he could stop by and have lunch with him. He said it probably wasnt a good day. We usually go once a week to see him.. but lately hes been really busy, and this week he is training a new person, and he hasnt been getting as many breaks, etc. So Erika offered for us all to go over to Mcdonalds and eat lunch with them, so we did.

First she wanted to stop by a few stores in the mall before we went, so I thought ok.. no biggie. So we went by this store that has lots of jewelry and hairbows. I normally love browsing places like that but the kids went in every which direction and even though I told them a HUNDRED times not to touch anything.. of course they did. Brooke kept pulling "pretty necklaces that she loved" off the rack and looking at them, which would then knock a dozen more down that I had to hang back up. And I had Rachels stroller too close to the racks, so she ended up pulling down hairbows, too.. and then proceeded to scream when I took them away from her! Grrr!! Then we went to Bath & Body Works and Caleb and Brooke just had to "sample" and sniff all the tester products. And rachel decided to play a game of throwing her toy out of the stroller and seeing who would pick it up for her. One of the workers there thought it was cute and picked it up for her, but then I put it up because I KNEW she would get tired of that game quickly.. I surely do!! At least we got out of there without breaking anything.. but I am actually very surprised!!!

So then we drove over to Mcdonalds. We go in and I try to keep the kids right there with me (safety reasons of course) but they run over to a booth and sit down, and then later get up and check out the happy meal toys that are featured this month in their display case. Im in the middle of ordering with lots of people behind me (lunch rush!!) so I just stay there and try to order and keep my eye on them at the same time. While im waiting on my order I go over to the kids and try to keep them settled in the booth. Caleb decides to get up next to me and try to get my attention, and he PULLS DOWN my shirt.. the top of it.. so my chest is exposed! I pull it right back up as quick as I can, and hope no one saw it. I look over and see a man smirking at me.. so.. Im guessing he saw it! Geez. I could have crawled into a hole and died at that minute. I guess it could be worse.. at least i had a bra on!!!! And at least it was only ONE man that saw it (we hope!) So finally i get our order.. and try to fill up 4 cups with drinks, and fill up little ketchup cups for everyone.. and try to carry it back to the table without spilling it (I only have so many hands!!!) and finally we all sit down and eat. Well all of us but Rachel, she always insists in STANDING wherever we are now, thats her new thing. One of the workers there brought out samples of one of their smoothie drinks in little cups and she gave some to the kids. Well Brooke and Caleb did ok with theirs, but Rachel kept sticking her tongue down into it instead of lifting it up to drink (even though I showed her how!!) and got it all over her outfit. But would I dare take that juicy goodness away from a fickle toddler? NO WAY.. so I figured Id just deal with the mess later. Which i had to, because then in the car she spilled the rest of it on her carseat and the floormat. So when we got home she went straight in to get a bath, because she was sticky as can be.

So there ya go.. another one of our adventurous days out and about. I keep asking myself.. How many days left of SUMMER?!?!

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