Monday, July 18, 2011

Date Night!!

Friday night my mom let the big kids spend the night with her. She wanted to take them with her to a baseball game on Saturday. One of my cousins is on a team that was in a tournament, so they were in town for that. Well first when we found out about this, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to have a yardsale. We could get everything set up and then have one without kids running around. We got some stuff ready this week, but the forecast called for rain. Which im glad we didnt end up having it, because it DID rain and was very gloomy overall the whole weekend.. so it wasnt a good weekend at all to have one!

Anyway, since mom was taking the big kids, we asked Arnolds parents if they would take Rachel for a few hours that evening. So Arnold I decided to go out on a date! We dont really care what we do when we go out, we just love the peace and quiet, and being able to be together. We went to the mall to walk around, and ended up eating at some new sub place. Mine had chicken, onions, mushrooms and cheese.. and I usually dont like onions and mushrooms but it was really good! Then we went to Hallmark and bought a few anniversary cards for our parents. They both have anniverseries in August. As a matter of fact, its my Inlaws' 40th anniversary this year!! So that will be really special. (Its MY parents' they will have a big one next year, too. I love that our parents are still so happy in love, and they have set such good examples for our marriage.. its a real blessing!!) We also went to Childrens Place and I wanted to look to see if they had this cute OWL bookbag I had seen online. Well of course they were out of them, but since they couldnt get one for me that day, the woman gave me a free shipping code for online, so I could get it online for the same price! I thought that was really nice. They were on sale AND i had a 15% off code they sent me in my email for my bday, so I got it for $10!!! Cant beat that. Brooke already has a bookbag for the year, but I just couldnt resist! Nothing wrong with 2.. she can switch out or something?!

Anyway, after the mall we went to Bed, Bath and Beyond. I had been looking for a jewelry organizer for awhile.. because my jewelry is always getting tangled up so badly and Arnold always has to untangle it for me it seems like. I had seens some cute ones in a catalog I got in the mail this week, along with a coupon (gotta love coupons!) So I stopped by to see if I could find them and I got one! Havent set all my jewelry up on it yet, but I hope it works well! Then we went to Toys R us to look around, and ended up buying Caleb a booster seat for the van. He turns 4 next month and is already 40 lbs, so he will be in that seat before we know it! I had earned a $10 off reward card, and there was a 20% off coupon out, so I got the seat for just under $13! I know, Im such a nerd, but I get so excited over all my deals!!

Lastly we went to Ritas for some italian ice! (yes, AGAIN!) I am a member of their birthday club, and they had sent me a coupon for a free italian ice for my birthday, and it was about to expire that weekend (so to be fair, we HAD to go ;) They have different flavors every time, so I didnt know what theyd have this time, but they had Pina Colada.. my favorite!!! SO i was happy. I almost felt guilty sitting there enjoying it so much, and Rachel wasnt there. She goes along with us most times, and it didnt feel right without her there, sampling bites of mine and Arnold's italian ices ;)

When we picked up Rachel and then got home, it was already pretty late and way past her bedtime, so we laid her down and she went right to sleep. Not having the other kids to get ready for bed really cut down on some time! We really really had a great date night and it was just what we needed (Arnold and i had BOTH had a stressful week!)

The bookbag I got Brooke for Kindergarten. Isnt it cute?!?!

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