Friday, July 8, 2011


This morning I was up EARLY.. way too early for me.. I am not a morning person at all. I had to get all 3 kids up and ready to be out the door by 7:30 so we could meet my mom so the kids could get their haircuts (to be fair, Arnold did help me out some.. I love him!!) I thought Brooke was just getting a trim, but she said she wanted her hair "shorter like mine" so she decided to get a real cut. Lately she has been begging me to let her hair get "as long as Rapunzels" so I was surprised :) I was very pleased with the haircut, it looks adorable and she looks more grown up now!! Rachel also got a trim, and she did very well. The salon lady said that matted part in the back of her head is just thick baby hair and will eventually get better.. that stuff is annoying!! I can never do anything with it! Caleb was his usual self, and refused to get his hair cut..oh well. Pick your battles!!

I LOVE that my mom is off work on Fridays. Call me selfish but she helps me out a lot on those days, and I get a lot done.. so.. its great ;) She stayed in the van with the kids while I dropped my applications off at the Pregnancy Care Center. It only took me a WEEK to get them filled out, sheesh. They seriously know more about me now than they need to, haha. They said theyd do all my background checks, then get back to me about when to start up training! Im getting excited!!

We then went on down to Joannes house, because she was having a yardsale and told me shed have a lot of clothes in Calebs size. I found him a lot of outfits and pjs so I was happy! Caleb found one of Logans old games, a toy story thing, and had to have it. Hes been playing it all day!! I went to get the cash out of my wallet and it was gone! Arnold had taken my money out of my wallet last night.. I thought he was joking about that! Thank goodness my mom was there with cash.. and thank goodness Joanne is a friend or that would have been embarassing!!!

After that we went to Target for awhile and I actually got some real shopping done of stuff I needed, without the kids right there with me.. Mom took them to the toy aisle and that kept them busy for awhile. Then we went to lunch at the Clubhouse in Mom and Dads neighborhood. The waitress had just brought over our drinks, and Rachel instantly reached out, and knocked over an entire glass of iced tea. It spilled all over my shirt, jeans, and started soaking into my crotch and underwear! It was horrible!! It looked like I had peed all over myself. Not to mention I was freezing, and my pants were clinging to me and I felt sticky all over, and I hate to feel dirty!! As soon as we got back to Mom and Dads i put on some of moms loung pants (dont know HOW i fit in them....) and one of Dads big tshirts. Let me tell you, I was styling ;)

Tonight when Arnold got home from work we went out to dinner with the kids at Firehouse Subs. Arnold had wanted to go to Village Inn (his fave place and he will never ever turn it down!) but they looked too busy. Then we went into Hobby Lobby. I love, love that store! I could browse forever in there. The kids werent behaving at all though, so we had to kind of speed it up. I found a few things.. I can never go in there without finding SOMETHING. I got one of those reusable cups, and it has a "A" on it with pretty colors and design. The kids found a few crafts to do... Ive been buying things here and there for them to do this summer. They had a whole section of Fall stuff out already, and lots and lots of OWL stuff!! Oh my goodness, it was ADORABLE! Owl aprons, plates, napkin rings, teapots, etc. I would have bought it all if I could.. if only I had the $$$! ;)

So to sum up, it was a very busy day, and I like that I stayed busy because I feel like I got a lot accomplished. But man am I tired tonight!!! I might even go to bed earlier than usual tonight!!

Brookes new haircut!!

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  1. I just had to laugh at that voice mail you left Arnold when you realized he took the money LOL.