Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~Last night we went to Chilis for dinner. I had gotten a giftcard from my inlaws for my birthday. Did i mention how even after the GC we paid around $16?! Geez... eating out with kids is expensive. I cant imagine how expensive its going to be in the future, not looking forward to that part!! 3 teens at once, yikes!!!! ;)

~This morning I was busy packing up the kids' fall/winter clothes from this past year. Taking it to consignment and hoping to sell some stuff. Hate how quickly they outgrow stuff.. but its always fun to buy more :) :)

~I want to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. Is that pathetic? Haha! I liked the first movie. Every time i go to the rental place down the road though, they are out!!

~I am already thinking about Halloween! Wondering what the kids will be this year. No wonder I am always having anxiety.. I think too much into the future instead of focusing on the here and now ;) Last year they were a Princess, a Lion, and a Bumblebee (Rachels outfit was the cutest!!!!) Any ideas for this year??? I may get away with choosing Rachels for one more year, so yay!!!

~I think we have decided on a combined birthday party this year for Brooke and Caleb, since their bdays are only 2 weeks apart, they have the same friends anyway, and they both want to go to Hickory Dickory Dock. How will that work out? I have 2 themes.. already bought. So i guess ill divide the room?? Not sure.

~Today I painted my nails (toenails) a new shade. Basically the color as the picture.. but its Avon brand. went crazy last summer and boughts a lot of different colors, and got into painting my nails :)

~Was looking through Brookes preschool yearbook today. Made me teary-eyed. I still cant believe she is going to Kindergarten. I wish I could hold her close and keep her safe forever!! Im sure all moms feel this way though. Ive got to let go sometime. And she'll do great, I know!!

~Yesterday I was looking for Rachel, she had slipped out of my sight for a moment, and I said "WHERES RACHEL?! and was calling for her. Caleb said "oh no, guess we are having to get another baby!" Hahaha, out of the mouths of kids, huh? He said it so nonchalantely, too, likes shes so easily replaceable. Thats one to write down for sure ;)

~I was telling Arnold the other night that I really wish we could go on a trip sometime soon. Even just for the weekend. We havent done that since I was pregnant with Rachel, so we are way over-due! I dont really care where we go, just want to be alone with Hubby and de-stress!!

~Been putting off starting "Water for Elephants." Ive heard its a really great book, and I fully intend on reading it soon!! I still have so many books piled up in my room, ready for me to read. I just dont get as much time these days. (or else im watching tv at night w/ Arnold when I really could be reading!!)

~Had to add this pic, it makes me smile! I have a little bit of a crush on Cory Monteith (Finn on GLEE!) Yes I am a Gleek and proud of it!! I almost ordered a Glee cake for my bday but didnt get around to it. He would have been on it :( Oh well. I got myself a Finn bookmark at Barnes and Noble the other night.... it is nice :) :) Cant wait for the next season this fall!!

~And had to throw in this picture. It was us at my birthday lunch at Dos Amigos the other day. Love my family so much :) :)

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