Thursday, July 14, 2011

Park Playdate

This morning we met up with Erika and the kids again, for a park playdate. We drove a little further than usual.. but it was ok because I really like this park and its bigger and different, since the kids usually see the same place over and over again.

It had rained yesterday of course, so the playground was still pretty soggy and wet. At least it didnt rain TODAY.. it looked pretty cloudy and gloomy when we were driving over there and I was a little worried. It was funny, because all the kids had a spot on their bottoms, of where they had sat down and got water and mud on their pants. Had I thought to bring extra changes of clothes? Of course not! I was just trying to get out of the house on time. I didnt think about the fact of them getting wet or dirty. Oh well.. bigger things to worry about I guess!!

The kids had a blast though.. ran around crazy and went on the playground and did the slides and Brooke tried again and again to do the monkey bars. She loves to be outside and be active, I hope that really keeps up as she gets older! There is this little springy horse that rachel just adores so she spent a lot of her time on there. Although she was afraid to climb down off it herself so everytime she wanted me to get her down Id hear her yell out HELP HELP!! Haha, its so funny, shes do dramatic! And at another time I saw her walking across the park towards a family sitting down eating, and she was carrying a big stick.. so I had to address that really quickly.. haha. Later Caleb told me she hit him with that stick, and I wouldnt put it past her!!

Thank goodness I had brought snacks, because the kids are used to eating lunch early, around 11 or 1130, and we didnt even get there until 11. But we were going afterwards to meet up with my mom for lunch (she works right down the road). They ate all their snacks and of course asked for more! They somehow managed to weasel a few juice packs out of Erika too.. thankfully she is very giving ;) By the time we were ready to go, of course the kids were covered with sand, water, dirt, bits of mulch.. you name it, they had it on their clothes, in their hair.. sheesh. I tried to wipe them down as best as I could with baby wipes but there was only so much I could do!

We drove over to my moms work and she took the kids around to see everyone she works with (Typical Grandma, loves bragging and showing off her grandkids! ;) Then we all went to the bathroom, and changed Rachels diaper, and tried to clean off the kids some more before we left for lunch. We went to this new chinese place down the road.. it was actually a chinese place before, but they closed down, and were bought out by new people. I actually like it better NOW! It looks much nicer inside. I like that its still a buffet and has the same kinds of foods on it. The kids seemed to like it. Prices werent too bad either. Ill have to take Arnold back sometime! :)

Love that smile! she was having so much fun!

Rachel and Makenzie swinging together :)

Katie and Brooke being sweet :) They had fun together.

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