Saturday, July 9, 2011


This morning we headed out to some yardsales, like we have been doing a lot lately. We headed all the way out to this "good one" with lots of kids' stuff, then realized we had forgotten to pull some cash out beforehand! Of COURSE that was the case. So we drove back to an ATM, then got some cash, then went back. These people had TONS of toys. What was weird is most of them were new in package?? I dont know what that was all about. But for the most part they were way over-priced. The woman was really pushy too, always standing over you and watching you, makes me feel uncomfortable. On the plus side, she had a HUGE pile of books, and they were all very nice and lots that I knew the kids would like, and decent prices. So i picked up a lot of "first reader" books for Brooke, some superhero books for Caleb and some others. I even found "If you give a Moose a Muffin" which is a part of a series we have, but we didnt have that one yet!!! :) :)

We came home and made homeade pizzas for lunch. My mom recently gave me a pizza stone, so we tried that out. It really did make the pizza taste better, in my opinion. I ate a lot, I had to stop myself because I knew Id feel sick if I kept eating like that. Speaking of that, I have still been getting stomachaces and side aches since my surgery, so Im really hoping thats just me getting used to eating again without a gallbladder, and not that it WASNT my gallbladder in the first place.. know how much that would suck?!?!

When we laid the kids down for a nap, Arnold and I started cleaning out kitchen drawers like mad people.. throwing stuff away left and right. We also started throwing out other things and bagging up old clothes and toys. We are thinking of having a yardsale this coming weekend. We have a TON of crap we need to get rid of. Its like we fill and fill up bags of stuff, but its like we dont even make a dent in it! I couldnt imagine having any more kids.. where would all the stuff go?!

I also got on FB and set up a few events online. I made Caleb and Brookes invitation for their bday party next month, finally got a date set for that. I think it will be fun.. first combined party (and might be the only one) but they both are excited about having their party at Hickory Dickory Dock, so thats all that matters! I also set up a Girls Game night for this month.. its been forever since ive done one! I always have so much fun hanging out with friends and forgetting all my troubles for awhile. Its great for a laugh too ;) And i created a Park playdate for lots of friends and their kids, for next week. I really hope we have a good turnout. I love to stay busy this summer and get me and the kids out of the house. And of course they love to see their friends!

We might take the kids to a local "cruise in" tonight. A big thing in this town, its actually right down the road from us. Arnold keeps suggesting that we take the kids and go sometime, but something always stops us. Im afraid of how the kids will behave.. but it might be fun.. we'll see!!

PS- Our pastor made it back from Africa safely!! Yay!! He will be back at church preaching tomorrow. Cant wait to hear about his trip. We have all missed him. Looking forward to my brother, Alex coming to visit with us tomorrow morning, too. I know he will LOVE the church!! :) :)

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