Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Mid-Week Randoms

~First off, I realized that I have gained ONE follower to my blog! I now have 42 followers! Wow I feel special. Just kidding, that would make me lame wouldnt it? Ok.. maybe Im just a little happy about it.. ;)

~No pics for this blog. Sorry. I have not been taking as many pictures lately! I dont know whats wrong with me. I usually have them for EVERYTHING (as lots of people like to point out) I am really losing it I guess..

~This week has been dragging by. Ive tried my best to keep the kids busy, but its hard sometimes! I took them outside one days, and it was so hot I was sweating through my clothes, so that didnt last long. Then one day we had JUST gotten outside and it started raining. Seriously.. like 2 minutes later!

~I had the urge to snuggle a little baby today. I miss the cuddly newborn stage so much! I realize that Rachel just isnt that small anymore at all! I even ASKED her for a hug and she said NO!!! and ran away. She was smiling (just playing a game with me) But it still hurt a little bit!!

~Arnold and I baked some cookies last night. Peanut butter chunk cookies! I looove fresh cookies right out of the oven. And then, we ate them in bed!!! Shh, dont tell me mom, she always thought eating in bed was horrible. Even on special occasions like Mothers Day ;)

~I ordered two new books off Ebay this week. "Firefly Lane", and "Calm my Anxious Heart." The heart book is about anxiety, and it is an inspirational book. So i am really looking forward to reading that. Hope it is somewhat helpful.

~Watched the latest episode of "Secret Life" last night. Yes i am STILL watching that train wreck. I just cant get away. Neither can Arnold (but he probably wont admit that to anyone, haha). Last night was brutal.. and so emotional. I think my jaw dropped and stayed that way for quite some time. Shows like that make me never want to let my kids out of the house!!!

~Still waiting to hear back from the Pregnancy Care Center to see when I am able to come start volunteering. They ARE following up on me, because one of my references told me he got some paperwork to fill out about me. Lets hope he was nice, hehe ;)

~Looked up school supply lists on the website this week, and it turns out the lists for Kindergarten arent that much different than for Prek! Turns out the only additional things Brooke will need are basically crayons and a pencil box. Big whoop! And to think of all those cute owl school supplies I saw.. what a waste.. I really wanted to buy them!!!

~Has anyone seen the weather for Saturday? looks like a good chance of rain and thunderstorms. Darn! Just when I was in the mood to have this yardsale already! Oh well. I am still looking forward to the night before.. when Mom takes the kids and Arnold and I will get a DATE NIGHT!! yes!! And if we DONT get to have the yardsale, we will get to sleep in. Its a win-win situation :)

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